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Twitch Party Day 3: VEN

Today we pick up where we left off from last week. Get your phones and camera’s ready to take a selfie of yourself watching the stream and post to our Facebook or Twitter page with the hashtag #NDTwitch for a chance to win a full deck of Scopa cards on Friday! There’s only until end […]

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Day Two Twitch – VEN

Today we continue our party playing Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice! Watch here! And there’s the great sale we have on The Phantom of Venice… Here’s what my office looks like with our lighting touch-ups: In case I missed sharing this, here’s some great fan art featuring me: Don’t forget to work on your […]

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Party in Venice – Day 1 Twitch

Tonight we begin our party traveling to Venice to work undercover with the Italian spies. Join us at 3:00pm PT! There will be prizes! Follow us here! But if you miss it, the video will be up on our YouTube channel later. Also, in celebration of this game and Carnivale, you can get Nancy Drew: […]

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Nancy Drew Fans Making Games

One of the girls who grew up playing our Nancy Drew games went to a nearby college to learn some game designing, and has recently been in the spotlight for her team’s student game “Penny Blue Finds a Clue” which was inspired by the Nancy Drew games. Read the great article here! Also, check out […]

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National Croissant Day and Year Reviews

Today was #NantionalCroissantDay and of course I celebrated, since this is my favorite baked good of all time! I adore the classic buttery croissant most of all. I also got a Chai tea latte – which ended up a bit too sweet. Sadness. I was also reviewing our social media stats from the past year […]

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Web Site Fix, and Hoodies

Hey all, friendly alert: our web site may be down for a short time for some maintenance tonight. Thanks for your patience!   And in case you missed it, we have hoodies available in Amazon now! Shop here. Also, this week is our Twitch party! Follow us here. -Little Jackalope

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Valentines, Fan Art, Podcasts, and Merchandise!

New contest! Learn more here. Also, we have a new podcast to share! Listen to it on iTunes or on YouTube here: Check out this great fan illustration of Sonny Joon by Cappy! I love it!   I’m working on a new design for our Amazon shirts! By fan request, I’m re-drawing the Orca whale […]

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VEN Hi-Res Wallpaper

I’ve been gearing up for the next Twitch party, which will be celebrating The Phantom of Venice, and I was snooping around the archives. Look what I found! This art below was rendered at hi-res by the artist at the time for print – on the box art! So I turned it into a hi-res […]

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Twitch Party for Carnivale 2018!

I haven’t had much news to share lately, until today! We have our next Twitch party scheduled for the first two days of February (next week) followed by two more days the following week. Follow us here on Twitch to get the alerts when we go live, and to join the live chat! (We will […]

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Echo Answers and Rentaro Shirt

A fan recently shared with us on Facebook that she asked her Amazon Echo “What is your favorite Nancy Drew game?” and she responded with a real game! Other fans have asked their Echos, and the most popular answer seems to be… well… I won’t spoil it. Try asking her yourself! Or click and highlight […]

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