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Poll: Nancy Candy & Scary Doors

We have a just for fun poll for you today! Besides KoKo Kringles, what candy would Nancy Drew enjoy the most for Halloween? A) Koko Mallows B) Moon Chunk C) Lickie Loo Lollipops D) Auntie’s Acorns Today’s 13 scares moment is from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Did you get spooked when this moment happened? […]

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The Seance Scare

Today’s scare moment: from Message in a Haunted Mansion. Also, today’s words of wisdom come from Rentaro: -Little Jackalope

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Jolly Rogers and Halloween Trivia 1

The countdown continues! Today’s scare is from Legend of the Crystal Skull. Today we also shared a fun trivia fact about Halloween: And it also happens to be National Boyfriend Day. Who would you pick to be your boyfriend from the characters of the Nancy Drew world? We have a special birthday to celebrate! -Little […]

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13 Days of Nancy Drew Scares

Yesterday we began a 13 day countdown of big scare moments from the Nancy Drew games. This is just for fun, and we will have a sale on Friday the 13th. That is also the day we will be at the Nancy Drew convention, so be on the lookout for all kinds of social media […]

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Coffee and Podcast: Alyssa

Hey all! There is a new podcast up! This one features the winner of the biggest fan contest, Alyssa. Listen to it and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes here. Or watch/listen to the interview here: Also, it was National Coffee day. I celebrate this day every day. Today I had an extra cup. Huzzah. […]

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Fan Art from Social Pages!

We have more fan art to share today! As for the weekend puzzle that I missed talking about, here’s the solution: once you properly identify each game, count the letters in the game title to find your answer. It says [“Halloween Contests“]. -Little Jackalope

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Wednesday Wisdom that Nancy Ignores

Yet another bit of advice that Nancy ignores, haha. Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is from Danger by Design. -Little Jackalope

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Halloween Party and Fall Drinks (Weekend Puzzle #355)

Country Living Magazine had a magazine spread posted to their web site last week. It’s excellent! (Because it’s Nancy Drew!!) How to host your own Nancy Drew-themed Halloween party! Read it here! There are great decorating ideas and lots of great recipes to try, too. Today we celebrated the First Day of Fall with a […]

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Facebook Fans: Videos and Animation

Our winner of the Nancy Drew Convention received her additional prizes in the mail. She made a video showing her unboxing. The boxes were mod-podged by Indy when she was here – it was her last project. Tess helped with the second box. Check it out! Shout out to Katherine on Facebook! She made this […]

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Travel to Cabins

Do any of you vacation in cabins? Perhaps you have a family cabin, or a special place you half-camp, half-board at? I’ve been to a camp that offered a one-room cabin with only electrical lights and a bunk bed and couch. As for the weekend puzzle, the Morse code spells out [“Ghost of Thornton Hall“] […]

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