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Clues, Koko Kringles, Fans, and Weekend Puzzle #267

Hooray for Fridays! Tomorrow is the last day to order games and receive a Koko Kringle (and yes, we still have some!). You can learn more details here. We also received this picture of Joanna M’s Nancy Drew collage. Pretty cool, so I had to share this with you! Clue #2: the hat is K. […]

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Spring Jackalope Eggs

So this happened at my desk yesterday… The mystery of the egg culprits is back on. Unfortunately this giant egg that showed up has a matte texture, and is not glossy or smooth enough to capture decent fingerprints. I guess I will have to figure out a way to find out who the culprit is. […]

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Fan Phone Screens

I’ve been noticing a bunch of images on our Facebook page sent in by fans. These fans are sharing what their phone screen looks like with Nancy Drew-themed pictures. Therefore I HAD to join in on the fun. Here are my phone screenshots: If you’d like to use these images yourself, I uploaded them here […]

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Jigsaw Puzzles

I went hunting a bit in our archives for a couple of puzzles and came across the Gold Leaf jigsaw tile puzzle in Treasure in the Royal Tower. I do adore these types of puzzles in the games! I grew up solving puzzles on my own table, and I think it is a ton of […]

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Early Guide Steps

Not to make you jealous or anything… but I get to play our latest game (that we are working on currently). Actually I get to play it a few times. This time I am playing it to start early work on the strategy guide. I break the project down into sections: walk through text, puzzle […]

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Talk of Chocolate! (And Weekend Puzzle #266)

Here’s the video I worked on, just talking about one of the best topics in the Nancy Drew universe: KoKo Kringles! And here’s your weekend puzzle: -Little Jackalope

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Fan Sketches

Some fans sent in some sketches! Check these out!   I love to sketch, too. It is really good practice if you want to become an artist someday. Pretty much all of our 2D and 3D artists and animators can sketch REALLY well, because they’ve had plenty of projects to work on and years of […]

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Wandering Hallways

I was recently re-playing a classic Nancy Drew game: Treasure in the Royal Tower. It has often come up as a fan favorite, so I thought to revisit Wickford Castle. The castle is pretty huge! I remember the first time I played the game, and I remember getting lost wandering the hallways. So many hallways! […]

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Valentine’s Day Winners!

With sooo many entries to the Valentine’s day card contest, we had a tough time voting and narrowing down the top three winners. There were so many creative, cute, and all around fun card designs, and it is really fun to see them all. Check out our contest page to see who won! I hope […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all get to spend time with family and friends this weekend! One of the greatest Nancy Drew games I think to play around this holiday is The Secret of Shadow Ranch, so we are having a sale on this game! The Valentine’s Day card contest ends soon, and we will announce the […]

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