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Nancy Drew Codes & Clues At Home Learning Learn and Play

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues App sparks an interest in coding while solving a fun, hidden-object mystery game.

Is your student heading back to school or learning at home? Wherever your student is learning, let them learn and play with Codes & Clues! The gaming app will engage them with critical thinking, spatial reasoning, reading, and fun learning with sequencing and loops. Give your student some guiltless game time that challenges their growing mind and maintains their focus with a variety of learning techniques. This gaming app is an excellent introduction to STEM-based* learning.

Make screentime more valuable! Learn and play with Nancy Drew and Robot Puppy!

For ages 5-8.

*STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math


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Educational game for children ages 5-8


“Kids will learn basic coding, reading, and critical thinking skills as they find clues and code their robot puppy in this fun story-based hidden object mystery game!” – Common Sense Media


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Learn about computer languages and coding.
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Nancy Drew Codes & Clues Learn and Play YouTube Video Series

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Learn and play with Nancy Drew games at home learning education



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