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Weekend Puzzle #143 = CONTEST!

Just as a head’s up, we are having an April Fool’s Weekend sale on The Captive Curse digital download. Lukas is a known prankster at Castle Finster, do you think you can avoid falling for his tricks? Mwahaha! If you haven’t played The Captive Curse, you can purchase the digital download for 25% off now […]

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TMB Characters Revealed!

First things first; Did you know that today is “smoke and mirrors day”? We have a Facebook Special going on in honor of this. You can purchase my favorite game, The Final Scene digital download for 25% off (today only) using promo code FINAL25 at checkout. Surprise! We have announced the characters of Tomb of […]

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TMB Goes Gold!

I was lucky enough to attend the 5-minute meeting that occurred today in the conference room with all of the team leaders at approximately 2:35 pm PST. It was momentous! We all signed off on Tomb of the Lost Queen‘s final build. It has gone “Gold” as we call it here. This means that our […]

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Sneaking In….and Out (Auditions)

Ok, I wasn’t reeeeally sneaking in. I got permission, first. Remember my checklist way back on the 7th of March right here? Yep, I am happy to say that all of those items have been checked off, including the one about sneaking into the vocal auditions, which is what I’m talking about above… and below. […]

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Gearing up for TMB

Today has been a quiet Monday, and rather exciting since we are gearing up for the next round of revealing more Tomb of the Lost Queen official content. Last week was big, because as you may have noticed, we launched our page, including the screen shots section here. Here in the office, many of the […]

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Weekend Puzzle #142 + TMB Page Live!

Guess what? The Tomb of the Lost Queen page is live! Check it out and also be sure to view the screenshots by scrolling down to the button “Screen Shots” for a look at the environments. Whoo-hoo!! On to your weekend madness. This week’s puzzle is really only for fun, but if you would like, […]

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Sneak Peek: TMB Icon!

I decided to do some sneaking around to find you something really cool from Tomb of the Lost Queen that you haven’t seen yet, so I went into stealth mode, tip-toed through the office, hacked into an artist’s computer and stole this Desktop Icon: Ok, so maybe I wasn’t so sneaky as mentioned (I asked […]

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Interview with 3D Artist, Josh

We interviewed one of our awesome 3D artists, Josh!   Her Interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive? Josh: It will be 6 years this July. Her Interactive: How did you get into the game industry? Josh: I’ve had a game system in my home since I can remember, so it’s always been […]

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Candy Phone Anyone?

What I really mean is, that if you have an iPhone 4/4s you can purchase a case for it in our merchandise store here. I wanted to point out some images that I found rather fun. Check out the candy from Trail of the Twister! Here’s Cowabubble: There are a couple other images to choose […]

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The Magic Mug!

Hey everyone! For a little fun today, I wanted to show you my favorite item from the Merchandise Store. Check out the Magic Mug in my demo video here: What do you think? I’m thinking of ordering a few for my personal collection, because it was so much fun to play with. (I must have […]

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