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Collectors Sale – Last Chance to Get Boxed Games!

Hey fellow detectives! We just launched a sale on the remaining physical (boxed) editions of our Nancy Drew games. Use code LASTCHANCE at the checkout page to get 25% off. When each game launched, we made only so many copies to last us a long time. Once those copies run out, that’s it, they are […]

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A Few Updates and Cover Art on the Horizon

Hello everyone, I apologize for the surprise down time with the Message Boards over the weekend. Our main web site was encountering some issues and the forums needed to be backed up as well. We are working to fix the issue, and appreciate your patience as we get this remedied. As for pre-orders for Midnight […]

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Midnight in Salem Pre-Orders Are Today!

At 11:00am Pacific Time, we are opening pre-orders for Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem! We have only 10,000 copies of the physical PC game. If you choose the digital games, either Mac or PC, I will be making the official DVD art insert for you to print out for free. This insert can be added […]

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Physical Games and Twitch Things

We will be having a big Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend sale this weekend! As promised during the Twitch party, here’s the list of all the physical games that are still available. Once we run out, we will only sell the digital games: Dossier LCC Dossier RED 10 SHA 19 HAU 22 TOT 24 CAP 25 […]

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Today begins our big Thanksgiving weekend sale! It ends Monday night but only while supplies last. Don’t forget: when you purchase a Nancy Drew game from us, you’ll receive a free digital strategy guide pdf. (And you can also “gift” a game to someone, too!) You can shop here. (Codes and Clues is also on […]

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SAW: Day 1 Twitch Party

Hey all! (I was out sick yesterday.) Today I’m very excited to play Shadow at the Water’s Edge with you live! You can watch for free on Twitch, but if you want to get the alerts and join the live chat and have a chance to possibly win prizes, you must sign up and log […]

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Meet Dahlia! (Plus Weekend Puzzle #239)

Dahlia has posted her first intern video on YouTube! Welcome to Her Interactive, Dahlia! I am excited to get to see more of your videos each Friday! Be sure to leave a comment for her on YouTube, especially if there are some videos you’d like to see. NEWS ALERT! The White Wolf of Icicle Creek […]

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Memorial Weekend Sale 2014!

Happy Friday everyone! This weekend is a fantastic weekend to enjoy a Nancy Drew mystery, and if you are missing a title, now is a good time to work on adding it to the collection on your shelf. Check it out and shop here. I plan on taking a Nancy Drew adventure this weekend, and […]

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One Day Left to MED!

Did anyone finish the Nancy Drew marathon? We are now finished playing the games and are now awaiting MED! For those of you who pre-ordered the physical version of The Shattered Medallion, your game is likely to arrive tomorrow, or is on it’s way and will be arriving sometime this week! If you pre-ordered the […]

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Love from Sonny

Here comes the smolder… Yeah, I thought that face he made was pretty cute. Anyways, the physical BONUS EDITION pre-orders are running even lower still. So be sure to order your copy before they run out! (We already received ours here in the office.) Here in the Her Interactive office, the strategy guide was completed, […]

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