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Awkward? Or Nancy Drew?

Our intern, Indy, made a great Nancy Drew video… I laughed too hard at the toilet flushing and the chip-grabbing. XD   We have a fan-made video to share! Mercury Day posted this KoKo Kringle unwrapping video for everyone to vicariously enjoy chocolate. (I really like the ending!) -Little Jackalope

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Taffy, Iggy and Hamburgers

Hooray! It’s National Hamburger Day! So our Throwback Thursday is none other than from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon…. Excuse me… CHEESEburger. Anyways, if you are missing this game, you can get it for 50% off tonight only using promo code TRN-50 at the checkout screen. Enjoy! I celebrated today in an off way… […]

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Behind the Scenes Decorating — Not Really

Hello savvy sleuths! I’m sorry we haven’t had many updates or even blog posts recently. The reason is that we are experiencing minor internet troubles while we are updating a few things behind the scenes. But no worries! We shall be back to normal by tomorrow or Thursday. I was totally going to post a […]

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Codes & Clues Card Game Has Endless Possibilities

Hi guys, it’s Indy.  This past week Tess and I have been working a little bit on making a Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues deck of cards. We had so much fun making it that we just kept adding more  and more cards! The full deck is 28 matches which equals 56 card. We initially […]

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Cleaning the Archive

We’re busy in the office this week, so I missed yesterday’s post. 🙁 Today I happened across some of my old notebooks from years ago! Perhaps some of you who were around for the release of Tomb of the Lost Queen might remember my Egyptian-themed doodling… Do any of you doodle or sketch in your […]

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Gummy Bears (And Weekend Puzzle #311)

Yes, we celebrate odd holidays… because we are odd and need a reason to justify eating candy. Gummy bears are a favorite candy for Ryan Kilpatrick in Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device, and as Nancy, you’ll need a few gummy bears for your sleuthing. Trust me. They are very necessary. 😉 If you haven’t played […]

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Detective Qualities & Cemeteries

Hey all, I’ve been out sick and visiting doctors, so I apologize for no posts the past few days. have you been following our summer interns Indy and Tess? They’ve been making awesome videos! Here’s one by Tess: You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the alerts when we upload new videos. As […]

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Day Three: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (Weekend Puzzle #310)

Tonight we finish playing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on Twitch! We start at 4pm Pacific Time. Be sure to follow us and participate for a chance to win KoKo Kringles or a Kindle Fire! Today is also the last day for you to take advantage of the Twitch party sale! You can get or […]

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Day Two: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

In two hours we will continue our live Twitch stream of Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Today, intern Indy will be playing and I will be commenting. If you are new to Twitch, you don’t need an account to simply watch the show, but if you want to comment in the live chat feed and […]

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Day One: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

We finished day 1 of playing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and gave away 2 Koko Kringles! Watch now on Twitch, or on YouTube here: Hope to see you tomorrow when Indy takes control of the mouse! -Little Jackalope

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