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Nancy Drew Diaries #4 (And Weekend Puzzle #213)

Check it out! For you hard-core collectors and readers, this will be fun news for you today. The latest Nancy Drew Diaries book, “Once Upon a Thriller” is now available on our site! Learn more about this new mystery here. I, personally, adore bookshops and libraries. Especially book shops that have old and used books. […]

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Sharpening Your Spy Skills

Some of you like to “game marathon” before the next mystery is released, which I find really fun. I have recommended a few titles to reply (in case you had decided not to replay ALL of them) but I wanted to narrow down the “why” part of the titles I selected. There are elements of […]

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Nancy’s House in SPY

(Hey all! I was out yesterday, therefore no post was made).As for today, we posted this fun Nancy Drew moment: This scene was shown in the SPY Trailer a few times, meaning it will be shown, of course, in the game. What did you think of Nancy’s home? You got to explore it a bit […]

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Arena and Character

Looks like a few of you solved the weekend puzzle! The answer is “An Unmentioned Character“. Which may or may not be what you think… you will just have to wait an play the game. By the way, we showed this character, just not clearly. Today we released another wallpaper from The Silent Spy:   […]

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Trailer Secrets (And Weekend Puzzle #212)

I’ve recently been browsing the Message Boards to see what everyone is talking about over The Silent Spy. It’s a great place to discuss theories, ideas, your excitement and predictions for this new game, in case you are interested in joining the conversations! Oh there are sooo many little secrets I wish I could spoil […]

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Pirate Day!

Did you know that it is International Talk Like A Pirate Day? September 19th every year you have an excuse to say “aargh!” a few gazillion times. And wear a pirate hat. Or quote Coucou from Ransom of the Seven Ships. We are having a Facebook special today only for this game. You can get […]

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Awesome Fans

Hey all! (I was out sick yesterday). Hope everyone had a chance to watch the trailer for The Silent Spy, but it sounds like you did since we’ve been hearing your responses to it. Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm! Today’s blog post is rather lengthy, because we have a lot of great fans […]

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The Silent Spy Pre-Orders

Today is the day! Pre-orders are live! The trailer is live! Check it out: What do you think? Here’s the news we posted today:(Click on the image for a larger view) You can pre-order the PC version or Mac version today. Remember the rest of those dates so that you know when to expect your […]

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Pre-Order The Silent Spy

Pre-orders have begun for Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy! Pre-order PC or Mac Version to receive the BONUS EDITION, exclusive to   The official trailer for Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy is now live! Watch it here on our YouTube Channel!

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Pre-Order Promotion!

Check it out! We revealed the 11th hint (“contest”) in the 13 hints of 2013 today! Well, it’s not really a competitive contest. It’s technically a promotion. You can learn more about it here on the Dare to Play Blog. No weekend puzzle today. Why? Because I just realized that we hinted at several spy […]

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