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Getting Trapped (And Weekend Puzzle #276)

I thought this was ironic. Isn’t it funny how Nancy’s job is often to catch the culprit, yet she herself gets into the most precarious positions? Often she gets trapped, either by accident or by villain… Oh Nancy… (This instance is from The Captive Curse.) Here’s your weekend puzzle! We have a few fan […]

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Twitter Party!

Today we are having a Twitter party! Head over and follow us to join in! -Little Jackalope

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Finding Forgeries

I often practice my real-life sleuthing skills when I go book hunting for my own personal Nancy Drew books. I definitely have found great finds, but there are some books that I would not pay too much money for. Here I will show you an example of a partially-fake book. This is a Nancy Drew […]

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Writing a Review

Now that there are 32 Nancy Drew games available, it is an excellent time write some game reviews! There are a few great places to write reviews on our site: the message boards, where avid game players go to share their opinion among fellow fans, and the games pages, where you can share your opinion […]

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Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are currently out of the office today in observance of Memorial Day. The office will be back in action tomorrow. I, myself, am on vacation for the rest of this week, but I have blog posts all ready for you each day. Therefore, if any new birthday requests come […]

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Tickets Winner and Weekend Puzzle #275

Today we announce the winner for the Iceland Tickets! Watch the video to see if you’ve won! Also, we have a sale going on this weekend:   And here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! AELSIFTV 3 RNEYCNDWA 9 RONES 4 ARUNGN 5 ISPIKSTIMS 5 EKJDRIHEHLEI 3 EREUTRCNLTUEC 6 RALENTXGA 5 NLWIMSOBOE 4 IBCNA 4 ANGYD 4 UNMSGA […]

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Old Game-Play Designs

Today’s Throwback Thursday features Isis from The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. (If you haven’t played this one yet, we have it on sale today for 50% off if you use promo code ICE-50.) When I first played this game, I had to upgrade my old computer with a new graphics card. The animation had improved […]

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Nancy, a Geek Girl

Word is on the street about Nancy’s 85th anniversary. Touch Vision made an awesome news/tribute video talking all about Nancy Drew continuing through the ages. Click on the image below to watch this video! We also have a fan birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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SEA in Stores!

Today Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness releases in stores! They are now on the shelves and ready to be discovered by passers-by. Hooray! We have a fan birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackaloope

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Last Pre-Order Day!

The hours are counting down! Today is the last day to pre-order Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness and get the BONUS EDITION! Tomorrow we switch to the standard version and the game will become available in stores as well. Whoo-hoo! I just might have to stop by a store sometime this week to see our […]

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