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Summer is Coming!

Summer 2018 is nearly upon us, and for me this means re-creating Nancy Drew moments out in the real world. This weekend I went for a drive, did a little exploring, had a pastry and coffee from a great little coffee shop called Blackbird Bakery, and did a little gardening. Thankfully I do not have […]

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Memorial Weekend Party – DAN

Tonight we may have a shorter stream since we are finishing Nancy Drew: Danger by Design tonight! Huzzah! Unfortunately, Tess has permission to leave early today to get a head start on Memorial Weekend, so It will be just me tonight. Join here! Iggy may sit in, but he’s feeling under the weather a bit. […]

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Memorial Weekend and Twitch Party (DAN)

Hello all! I hop to see you tonight in our LIVE stream on Twitch as we continue to play Nancy Drew: Danger by Design! Join us here. Tess just got back from her vacation, but will not be joining tonight as she has a LOT of things to get caught up on. Maaaaaaybe she will […]

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Finding Pirates

As someone who keeps up with Nancy Drew news daily for my job, I’m sometimes alerted to Nancy Drew things that aren’t really good… Once upon a time, we made our strategy guides in black and white (but the cover was colored) and in actual printed books. These books were available for sale only on […]

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Danger by Design: Day 2 on Twitch

In case you missed yesterday’s party, we have uploaded the video on YouTube here: I hope you can join us tonight as we continue solving a mystery in Paris! Join here on Twitch! We are giving away another exclusive mug as the prize tonight. There’s a new podcast episode released today! Listen to it and […]

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Twitch Party with DAN (Day 1)

Hello Amateur sleuths! Confession: I was suffering from writer’s block for the past few weeks. I apologize for not posting to the blog. I will aim to be more diligent in posting in the future! I am excited to say we are LIVE streaming tonight again! Today and tomorrow, as well as next week, we […]

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