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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving week! Head’s up: at 1pm today (PST) we will be leaving for this holiday break, and we won’t be back until Monday. If you, too, will be celebrating with friends and family, enjoy your extended weekend! Here at the office, we are having a potluck. Check it out, a cupcake turkey!   Also, […]

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Thanksgiving Sale 2013

This weekend, get all Nancy Drew games (digital only) for 50% off using promo code THANKS13. Shop today!  

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Creating a Character

Hooray! Wehlaunched a new behind the scenes video today on our YouTube Channel! Check it out:e This is definitely one of our longest videos,ibut that’s because there is a lot to show! I’ve been collecting video footage over the past year to show you everything that happens insthis process, so a lot of the content […]

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Cookie Love in SPY

Looks like a few of you solved the puzzle! Congrats! The two clues provided (puzzle = keyword, and “no q”) refers to a Playfair Cipher. Using the letters given, it decodes to these words [Creating a Character on Monday]. I especially like one person’s theory on the message boards to what this means…he/she is spot […]

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Laptop Contest! (And Weekend Puzzle #221)

You guys!! Check it out! Awww yeah! This is one of the coolest prizes we have ever given away: a new Nancy Drew themed laptop that has every desktop Nancy Drew game pre-installed on it! (Except for the original Secrets Can Kill). And yes, this includes Stay Tuned for Danger and the two Dossier games […]

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Kate Drew — Modeled

Another part of what I’m working on this week had me looking through Kate Drew’s 3D model, particularly the sample models that our character designer creates for our animators: Since there really aren’t many descriptions in the Nancy Drew books to go off on, we were able to design Kate how we imagined her to […]

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Nancy & Phone Technology

Back in the very early days (1930s) for Nancy Drew, there were less-advanced sleuthing gadgets for a detective to use. Sure, Nancy drove her own car and had running water and electricity in her home, but calling someone on the phone looked different back then.  Making a phone call took an extra step or two. […]

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Work in Progress

I suppose I shall share with you a little of what I’m working on today. Today I wear slippers around the office, eat cookies, interrogate people, play with green material and tape, watch videos, laugh at some some outtakes, hover over the artist’s shoulders, and snoop through the newest art files. I have gathered several […]

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Finding Hidden Compartments

Some of you have already noticed, but we posted a new video to our YouTube channel on Saturday! It’s the start of a new series where we share with you real-life tips and examples on how to be like Nancy Drew, or to put “Drew” as a verb, “How to Nancy Drew”. We already have […]

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Weekend Puzzle #220

Late post tonight! This is because I have been working on another fun video. It involves a real-life secret compartment. (~.^) Keep an eye out for it this weekend, or possibly Monday, on our YouTube Channel. It’s a little early to say anything, a few of the environments for the next game have already been […]

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