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Last Day of November 2016

Yesterday we were having some behind the scenes technical difficulties with our site, so I couldn’t write a blog post. (Sorry Molly!) Anyways, we’ve been busy getting into the holiday season here. Thanksgiving is over, so now it’s time to focus on Christmas things! Yay! Here’s another tease of what I’ve been working on: I […]

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Cyber Monday

After the crazy Black Friday shopping, you get to sit at your computer (or phone) and take part in great deals online. This has become known as Cyber Monday. We are also involved, because we do not have an actual store for you to walk into and purchase Nancy Drew games. We have an online […]

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Today begins our big Thanksgiving weekend sale! It ends Monday night but only while supplies last. Don’t forget: when you purchase a Nancy Drew game from us, you’ll receive a free digital strategy guide pdf. (And you can also “gift” a game to someone, too!) You can shop here. (Codes and Clues is also on […]

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Getting Ready for Thanksgiving 2016

Today our office was wrapping little hand-out gifts about Codes & Clues, and we were listening to Christmas music and discussing our favorite movies, Thanksgiving dishes and desserts. It made me think of how Nancy’s family would have a Thanksgiving. I like the yellow Nancy Drew books best, so I imagine Nancy’s family all dressed […]

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Podcasts and Countdowns (Weekend Puzzle #324)

Hooray! The second podcast has released! You can follow it on Podbean, iTunes, or YouTube. Warning! Contains game spoilers for Stay Tuned for Danger and The Final Scene. And heads’ up! The countdown to the great Thanksgiving sale has started! The sale begins Wednesday, November 23rd, and ends Monday night, November 28th. Here’s a fun […]

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Archive Photos from WAC

For last week’s Twitch stream, I was trying to look up fun behind-the-scenes facts and photos, but only came up with a few. I promised to share those with you. Look what I found! The HeR Interactive team (well, a few members) got together and dressed up for the old time photos seen in Warnings […]

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Save the Date! (Thanksgiving 2016!)

For the great Thanksgiving sale! (Sorry, I don’t have any other news or dates to give you, or even guesstimates on the next game. But like I’ve said, when I do, I will be sure to share with you.) 😉 It’s been super busy with projects and things in getting ready for the holidays… so […]

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Trimming the GTH Trailer

Today I get to recreate the Ghost of Thornton Hall trailer…but shorter! When we first launched GTH in the Apple App Store, they only allowed screenshots — no video. Since then, they have allowed video and we need to get that trailer up in the app store! However, the challenge is to shrink it down […]

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Veterans Day 2016 (And Weekend Puzzle #323)

I have two grandfathers, an uncle, and a brother-in-law who served in the armed forces. Today I am reminded of what they did for the country we live in, and am once again thankful. Do you have members who served? Let them know of your gratitude, they would certainly love to hear it! Tonight we […]

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WAC: Day 2 Twitch Party

If you missed yesterday’s Twitch party, you can watch it on our YouTube channel! Also, tonight we will continue to play Warnings at Waverly Academy on Twitch. Come and join us! If you don’t have this game in your collection, we are taking 25% the digital download for you during the Twitch party (sale ends […]

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