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Udder Pops

I’ve been reviewing some video footage, logos, and some art today, and I haven’t tired yet of listening to Nancy Drew music. I also have been browsing the message boards to read the reactions of the Alibi in Ashes cover art…always fun to hear people’s thoughts! Take a look at this. A fan named Emily […]

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Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes Box Revealed!

Alibi in Ashes art has been revealed! Check out the box art from game #25: Keep an eye out on the product page for further information and updates in the future. Happy sleuthing!

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Alibi in Ashes Box Revealed!

This is why we were super busy yesterday: getting ready to show you this!! ~Official box art for Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes!~ So what do you think for our 25th game art? For more information on Alibi in Ashes, head over to our product page, where there is one date that you might want […]

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An Exciting Week

Whew! Look at the time! I’m posting rather late today. It’s because I’m in a bit of a rush, and so I can’t talk long. Looks like you savvy sleuths pretty much got the former weekend puzzle #117! After following the solution on Thursday, August 25th’s post, this is the slightly unscrambled answer you should […]

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Weekend Puzzle #118

Happy Friday savvy sleuths! Time for a weekend challenge? Have a go at this: Hint: A then D. (And take out the J)   2.5 1.1 3.4 3.4 5.1 4.2 5.5 5.1 4.1 2.1 4.5 I’m going to sit back, relax in the sun, and wait as you detectives solve tricky puzzles these next few […]

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Games on a Shelf

I spent a little time collecting games from all around the office to try to put together a complete collection in one shelf. The boxed games I found scattered on a nearby shelf, many of the DVD cases were hiding in a secret place in a corner of the office, and the missing ones I […]

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Three Meetings and a Sleepy Storyteller

I had three back-to-back meetings this morning. That usually means there is a lot to do, a lot to plan for, and a lot coming our way! One meeting was about our game’s testing results. This is where we learn what is good, great, and what needs fixing in the current adventure we are sending […]

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Why We Love Boxes

This is why we love boxes: stuff can put inside and when it’s time to re-open them, one can be surprised and thrilled to find what was placed inside. Yep… that sounds a bit silly, especially read aloud. Yet it is true that long ago someone put these items in a box and when we […]

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Kevin Manthei Interview on the Music of The Captive Curse

We interviewed Kevin Manthei, the creator of the music for The Captive Curse!   Her Interactive — What sounds did you use? (Instruments, effects, etc) Kevin Manthei — "I used live violin, live double bass and live accordian, tuba for the waltz's, traditional orchestral instruments and orchestral settings, choir & modern percussion and sounds for […]

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Out-of-Office Snooping

Sounds a little dangerous and sneaky, right? A fellow worker and I went on a little field trip to our storage space off-site. After driving through a small maze of storage buildings, we parked in front of a door identical to several others, save for the numbers printed on the wall. When we opened it […]

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