Unveiling the New Cover Art for Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys

Hey there, fellow sleuths and Nancy Drew fans! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all about our favorite detective’s upcoming computer game, Mystery of the Seven Keys™️ and how we celebrated National Clue Crew Day on April 1st.

First off, can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome April 1st aka “Clue Crew Day” was? It’s like our own little holiday where we get to geek out over Nancy Drew and all things mystery-related. I loved seeing everyone’s posts, theories, and memories—it really shows how much we all adore Nancy and her adventures!

Now, onto the big reveal—the new cover art for Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys™️. Check it out:

we heArd you mighT have wanted to sEe an exteNded versIon of thE one we released on sOcial media – so heRe iT is, in square forM!

Isn’t it simply captivating? The detail, from the intricate design of the key to the atmospheric backdrop of historic Prague, truly sets the tone for an immersive and thrilling gaming experience. We’ve been very lucky to have legendary designer Mark Tolleshaug designing the game boxes for our beloved series, since 1999! That’s 25 years of his epic creations drawing in detectives like you to the world of Nancy Drew. Click here to read an interview done with him in 2011!

As amateur sleuths, we know that every clue, every detail matters. So, comment below with your observations and theories to share with everyone!

Now let’s dive into the excitement of what the community has been calling “National Clue Crew Day,” celebrated with gusto on April 1st. While the date might be associated with pranks and hoaxes, for us mystery enthusiasts, it was a day to honor the community of Nancy Drew the past year of sleuthing. The National Clue Crew Day brought together fans from around the world, sharing their favorite Nancy Drew moments, theories, and, of course, eagerly anticipating the latest updates on her upcoming adventure.
National Clue Crew Day celebration served as a reminder of just how massive and fun our little Nancy Drew corner of the internet really is. Thanks to all who posted, commented, streamed, and watched along with the community. We had more than a dozen Nancy Drew livestreams join in the celebration!
Until next time. Happy sleuthing, fellow detectives!
— Indy & Brighella

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10 responses to “Unveiling the New Cover Art for Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys”

  1. Jessica says:

    I wonder what “marionette” means?

  2. Maggie McGinity-Termuhlen says:

    Thank you for releasing this high-res version! It makes it much easier to hunt for clues

  3. NDcrafts says:

    I loved the little clue that you put in here! It’s so great to see that some of our theories were correct! And thank you for the expanded view, It’s so beautiful. I think I might have to pull out some new yarn for my Prague At Night scarf

  4. Ooo, will the Marionette be a part of that green carriage, traveling theatre? Could there be a puzzle involved with the Marionette? 😉

  5. budford says:

    Its called mystery of the seven keys but only one key on the cover? hmm…

  6. Jamie says:

    I’m so excited! Love the art and the location for the next mystery.

  7. Scott says:

    Given the clues of the marionettist’s wagon just left of the center in the cover art and the capital letters spelling “marionette”; I would say this mystery involves either a marionette puzzle, controlling the marionettes, or possibly building or repairing a marionette.
    Either way I will enjoy solving the mystery!

  8. Mary says:

    Marionettes and other puppets were in an earlier Nancy Drew book. Is Marionette here an indication that a second ND book is referenced in game #34?

  9. budford says:

    The trailer for Mystery Of The Seven Keys looks epic! I’m really looking forward to playing it! =)

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