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Merry Christmas 2016!

And today’s the last Christmas box gift! Also, we posted the complete video today on YouTube for all the days of online casinos the Christmas box. You can watch it here. -Little Jackalope

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Winter Solstice 2016

Happy first day of winter! It’s winter solstice today (meaning it’s the shortest day of the year, when we are tilted furthest from the sun.) To celebrate, Curse of Blackmoor Manor is on sale for 50% off, since that game mentions the solstices and equinoxes. (It’s also a great game!) I was having computer trouble […]

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Christmas Greeting 2016

I made a quick Christmas reminder video highlighting the most popular things going on this season: As for the weekend puzzle, it was a maritime flag code. It spelled out this message: [Wishing you an early Merry Christmas.] -Little Jackalope

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Preparing for Christmas

Today I’m working on a quick Christmas greeting video to share reminders about Christmasy things. 🙂 The office is pretty quiet this week, and just a head’s up: I will be on Christmas vacation December 22-27 and will be back on the 28th. To catch on things, here are the weekend (and today’s) countdown gifts: […]

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Christmas Video 2016 (And Weekend Puzzle #325)

We made a fun JibJab Christmas card video. Woot! Enjoy! (It stars Professor Hotchkiss, Sonny Joon, Bess Marvin, Joe Hardy, and Rentaro.) Today’s little treat in the Christmas Countdown box that Ned gave to Nancy: And here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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Revising a Video

I’m working on a new Christmasy video, but some tweaks are needed. Here’s a behind the scenes look at my oh-so-fascinating screen: I’m hoping to have it done tomorrow, but we shall see! Here are today’s Christmas countdowns! -Little Jackalope

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Christmas Countdown Catch Ups

Hey all, I was out sick for several days (darn colds!) and I missed several days of posting the Christmas countdowns! So here you go! From Day 10 to today. -Little Jackalope

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Replacement Game Discs

Replacement discs are available for all games. The replacement cost is $10. Standard USPS shipping is included in the price to all US destinations; replacement discs are not available internationally. **Please note we no longer have replacement discs for the following games: Secrets Can Kill (Remastered) – disc 1 & disc 2 Danger by Design […]

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Day Two on Twitch: ICE

Tonight we continue playing Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Follow us here! If you missed yesterday’s party, we’ve uploaded it to our YouTube Twitch Party playlist. Here’s Day one: Fan q33nn3rd shared a picture of herself during our party last night. I love seeing fans’ pictures at the Twitch party! Speaking of […]

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Twitch: Day 1 ICE

Tonight we begin our Twitch party! Follow us here and join the live chat! Also, here’s day 7 in the Christmas Countdown gift box: -Little Jackalope

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