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Happy Halloween 2011!

It’s Halloween! This is the day where we have the opportunity to dress up in any sort of outfit or costume for fun. Today, several of us silly and imaginative workers dressed up and together the entire office enjoyed a delicious assortment of foods and goodies. Yum…every once in a while I like to sneak […]

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Ready for Halloween? (And Weekend Puzzle #127)

It’s the weekend before Halloween! This means parties and last-minute decorating for many of you. We are decked out with a few hints of the spooky season (see below). There are pumpkin lights hung along cubicles, blinking eyes posters, a rock wall wallpaper, giant spiders and a poor flier who crashed into a cubicle wall. […]

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Shelved Game Cover Art

Before you get all excited, we are currently not bringing back the legendary 3rd Dossier game: Ship of Shadows. It has been “shelved” and is not in production. Our CEO touched on this subject in a recent interview (read it here). Due to a big request and desire from you all on the message boards […]

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Alibi in Ashes: Interview with Kevin and Keller on the Making of the Music

We interviewed Kevin Manthei and his daughter, Keller, on their collaboration of creating the soundtrack “Tension” for Alibi in Ashes!   Her Interactive: What were your inspirations for creating spooky music? Keller: Every time I play the piano it just comes out spooky and scary. I like to play in minor keys. I just start […]

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Parlez-vous… mystère?

Ok, so maybe my French isn’t perfect, and maybe I didn’t pay too close attention to Professor Hotchkiss’s French words in Treasure in the Royal Tower, but I thought it would be a nice lead-in to this image: Check out the French packaging for Secrets Can Kill Remastered that we just viewed yesterday!I find it […]

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Giving (or receiving) Gifts

Take a look at this! A fan of ours attended a silent auction where she offered a Nancy Drew-themed basket for people to bid on. Looks like she has a few desirable items in there. 😉 The gift-giving season is nearing, might one of the games be on your list? I’ve been looking around, and […]

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A Great Story

Every once in a while I like to stop and think about what makes a good story. Perhaps it’s the mystery, adventure, drama, suspense, or interesting history? I know I like a little of all of that perfectly balanced in every book. What makes a great Nancy Drew read? I find that a few hidden […]

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Weekend Puzzle #126

Hey howdy hey! It’s Friday again! That means a few of us get to attend another top-secret meeting and try out puzzle prototypes (below are the pieces I used to try out our designer’s latest game). Any ideas what this puzzle might be like? So you don’t get left out on some fun, I’ve attached […]

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Games and Puzzle Thursday

Today we had a company meeting to get updated an all that’s happening. We enjoyed pizza and salad while playing board games with each other. It’s worth the effort and patience to learn a new game! Several of us tried a new one called Dice Town, which had a cowboy and western theme. If the […]

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Chocolate Wednesday

Like the title states, it has been a chocolate Wednesday! Well…for me at least. After sneaking a piece of chocolate from the production department (if you are quiet, they won’t notice), I visited the kitchen. One of our hard workers brought in some Italian chocolate treats in from her trip to Italy, seen here: I […]

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