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Music from Ghost of Thornton Hall

To reveal a little more about Ghost of Thornton Hall and for the sake of added excitement, we decided to launch the game’s soundtrack before the game officially releases. For $4.99 you can download the complete set of music played in the background of the game, including the scare sequence music clips (which happen really […]

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The Characters of Thornton Hall

We have been working all day on getting the characters ready and up on our Ghost of Thornton Hall page, and voila! Here they are! Check them out here and read up on the suspects and friends from the game. Do you have a clue to who the suspect is? What really happened to Jessalyn? […]

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Well today I was planning on talking more about Ghost of Thornton Hall…but when I first came in this morning, that plan changed. (Anyways, sorry for such a late night post, I was wrapped up in a meeting that lasted a few hours, and we just got back. Unfortunately I can’t say what we were […]

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GTH Desktop Icon

I thought I could sneak you a peek at what the Ghost of Thornton Hall desktop icon looks like: “Add this to my resume…” This is from our Character Designer’s original concept illustration for the Ghost, and since we really liked it, it was made into the official desktop icon. It can also be found […]

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An Exciting GTH Week

Although it isn’t pre-order time, and of course, the trailer isn’t going to be ready anytime soon…I would still venture to say that this week is going to be an mildly-exciting one for Ghost of Thornton Hall! The weekend puzzle gave away one of the anticipations this week: To solve it, use Morse code to […]

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Weekend Puzzle #190

The first day of spring wasn’t too long ago, and the birds were singing, the trees and flowers were coming to life, and the snow was falling….wait. Yep. Snow, check. It snowed today. Awkward Washington weather I suppose. Later it became really sunny and pretty so we went out to play hackysack. …18 days… And […]

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GTH Page is Live!

If you haven’t heard the news, stop reading this blog and go check out the Ghost of Thornton Hall page! It went live just a couple hours ago! WHOO-HOO!!! Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, the button to check out the screenshots page is live as well. The Characters will […]

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GTH is Golden!

Today is an important day in our office! Today Ghost of Thornton Hall has gone gold! This means our final game build is complete, no more changes are going to be made, and it is now off to be burned onto discs, printing the boxes and then packaged. There is a lot that goes into […]

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The Music of Egypt and Science

Nobody panic! If you’ve checked out our web site or have noticed the conversation on the Message Boards… we are not retiring Warnings at Waverly Academy, in fact we updated our site today to better clarify. Once the physical box copies of WAC are sold out, we will not be re-stocking them. The digital download, […]

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Rated E for Everyone

If you have looked carefully at the box art for Ghost of Thornton Hall, you may have noticed that the game has been rated “E for Everyone” (and with “Mild Violence”). I have noticed that a few message board members brought up the question “Why is it rated E and not E10+ since we (Her […]

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