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Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween everyone! We have a big sale on the scary games tonight! (Only for tonight! So hurry to place your order!) Would you open the door to any of these…uh… characters? XD Also, we posted the winner of the pumpkin carving contest! To check out who won, along with viewing the finalists, visit the […]

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A Night in a Haunted Place

If you could spend the night in any scary Nancy Drew game environment, where would you stay? Would it be in Sally’s cabin in the woods in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake? Would you stay in Ryokan in Shadow at the Water’s Edge? Or how about the Golden Gardenia in Message in a Haunted Mansion? […]

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The Spiders in Nancy’s Life

In Stay Tuned for Danger, the prop room had a little spider crawl away from an oil can on the shelf. In Ghost of Thornton Hall, a large spider drops down right in front of your face. In Danger by Design, a spider hangs out in the wall. But the worst spider of all was […]

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Halloween Preparedness

How are you getting ready for the upcoming fall season holidays? Halloween is just this Friday! I’m shooting a blog video today (no peaking) and that will be edited tomorrow and Wednesday. I’m also studying some of the scary Nancy Drew games for their popular scare scenes. Do you have a favorite scary Nancy Drew […]

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Manatees and Halloween Things!

There are only a few days left to submit your pumpkin carving design! I wanted to share another fun design that was entered recently to our Facebook page: Do you recognize Paseo Del Mar High’s manatee mascot from Secrets Can Kill? This was carved by Taylor and Brittany M. I wonder if anyone has thought […]

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Falling Into Things… + Weekend Puzzle #256

Was it just me, or did you fall face first into the lava as soon as you approached the downed bridge? ‘Cause I fell… a lot. XD Our pumpkin carving contest ends next week! Have you decided on a pumpkin design to begin work on?   Here’s your weekend puzzle: We have some birthdays to […]

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Sneaky Deliveries in the Dark

Happy Thursday! It is storming here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where our office is. It’s dark and gloomy, the rain is pelting down and the thunder is rolling in the distance. It is the perfect setting for playing a scary game like Curse of Blackmoor Manor or Message in a Haunted Mansion! Remember in […]

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Mystery Nightmares

Here’s a classic Nancy Drew moment from Curse of Blackmoor Manor: Do you remember this? I found this to be super bizarre and a bit disturbing…! But so awesome! Have you ever had nightmares from solving other mysteries?   Speaking of creepy things, have you started work on your Nancy Drew pumpkin for the Pumpkin […]

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The Hunt is On

Do you remember what Alan sent you to hunt down? (In Curse of Blackmoor Manor.) The answer to this is actually an image I am working on for Halloween in the merchandise store. What do you plan on doing for Halloween? Have you carved a Nancy Drew pumpkin yet for the contest? Are you working […]

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ND #32 Preview Released! (No spoilers)

Last Friday we released the official preview for our next game! If you’d like to view it now, check it out on our YouTube channel here. Today I went digging around to see what fun images I could share with you. This is what I found: This is part of a 3D sculpture that was […]

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