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Twitch, Mother’s Day, and TV Series!

There are so many great things to talk about today! First of all, I hope you can come join us for our party today on Twitch! We’ll be giving away these prizes each day! (Tune in to learn how you could win!) And we have a sale in honor of Mother’s Day, shop here for […]

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MID Cemetery Illustration

We recently released some concept illustration art from the Midnight in Salem cemetery. This was used in our social media designs, and I’ve seen a few requests for this as a wallpaper download for your desktop. Here you go! Enjoy! -Little Jackalope

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Mei Day

Have you heard? We have an official pre-order date and official release date for Midnight in Salem! Yes, it was originally set for fall 2015, and spring 2019, but as you can see – the work is evident. Check out the tease of character Mei, in her full 3D rendering in a 3D environment: Our […]

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89th Anniversary!

Would you believe Nancy Drew is 89 years old this Sunday? And she doesn’t seem a day over 18. 😉 We are having a small sale on our Dossier games in honor of this occasion. Get Lights! Camera! Curses! or Resorting to Danger! on sale for 50% off this weekend. Also, update! It’s National Pretzel […]

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Movie Theatre Day 2019

Today is World Book day, as well as Movie Theatre day – but what’s most popular is “Talk like William Shakespeare day.” So if you felt like quoting “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock, be our guest! However, non-Nancy Drew fans might think you are weird. 😀 Anyhow, we […]

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Twitch Party and CLK Trolling

I was working from home yesterday, so my office was vulnerable. A sneaky troll discreetly entered my office and left a bajillion little faces of Jane from Secret of the Old Clock ALL OVER the place. (I’ll try to show you a video during the Twitch stream!) Here’s all that I’ve found so far… and […]

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Hidden Staircase Contest

Check this out: we are having a big contest! Pose in your best “Hidden Staircase” pose for a chance to win a movie prize pack! (There will be TEN winners!) Learn more here! Also, Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase movie is out for purchasing! Learn more here. Mark your calendars, we are having another […]

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Spring Break and Billie Wildrick

It’s our big Spring Break sale this week! Get any game for 50% off while supplies last here! Also, check out the podcast episode today featuring Billie Wildrick – she is the one who sang “The Word I couldn’t Keep” from Sea of Darkness. -Little Jackalope

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Nancy Drew Shoes

A fan shared this with us on Facebook! These look like the coolest shoes, and they seem to be on sale today only at that web site. So cool! Check out the Topleveltoe web site here for details. (I’ve never heard of this web site before, so I’m not sure how the quality of the […]

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Blankets and Pillows and Sweaters, Oh My!

I’m excited that several fans have already purchased some of the merchandise from our Teespring store! Check out Rachel’s blanket, which you buy for yourself here. Also, don’t forget, you can get pillows, too, like this one here. And look at how cozy the Waverly Academy sweater looks on Sophia! (You can buy one of […]

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