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Day One Twitch: Ghost of Thornton Hall

Tonight we begin our Halloween party LIVE on Twitch! We are playing Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall tonight, Friday, Monday and Tuesday. There will be four prizes, and two of them are autographed by celebritie(s)… so come by to learn more! (Please note: you have to have a Twitch account and be logged in […]

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A Tour of Local Ghost Stories

Today I’ve been working on a video from our Nancy Drew “Haunted Maine” convention in Ogunquit, Maine. This one features our Ghost tour on Friday the 13th at night. It was a walking tour along the Marginal Way, a 1-mile walk along the coast from the hotel “Anchorage by the Sea” to Barnacle Billy’s restaurant […]

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Nancy Drew Costumes Update!

We have received a ton of Nancy Drew-themed costumes! And they look fantastic! I thought to address a few common questions and concerns about the entries here on the blog, in case you were curious. 🙂 If you entered your costume on Facebook, wait for us to private message you instructions for receiving your t-shirt. […]

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Haunted Maine Montage (Weekend Puzzle #357)

I made a quick montage of my trip to the Nancy Drew “Haunted Maine” 2017 Convention. Enjoy! We have a new fan video to share! This is a Ghost of Thornton Hall themed illustration by “The Doodling Girl” Johanna. Enjoy!   Here’s your weekend puzzle: No Q about it, use GTH. bs gp ho ts […]

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Ogunquit Inn – My Room

Last weekend when I traveled to Ogunquit, Maine for the 2017 Nancy Drew convention, I didn’t stay in the main hotel. I stayed at the other end of town in the Ogunquit Inn. The front parlor was once a school room and the building was built in the 1800s. Today, I will focus on my […]

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Nancy Drew Reboot – Take 2!

On Monday, the Hollywood Reporter announced that NBC is going to have a go at rebooting the Nancy Drew TV series that CBS passed on from last year. Read the full article here! While the producers are still the same, it looks like the cast will be entirely different, and the plot will change than […]

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Return from Ogunquit

Hey all, if you haven’t been following, you may not have known that I went to the Nancy Drew convention this last weekend. The convention is put on by President Jennifer Fisher each year. If you want to attend the 2018 convention in April, be sure to register by March 1st. And the sooner, […]

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Friday the 13th, 2017

Aaaaand the last but most scariest Nancy Drew moment goes to the Yurei in the baths in Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge! In honor of today, we have this game on sale! Get 50% off with promo code 13FRIDAY at checkout! Also, if you are a fan of Tino Balducci, you’ll love this […]

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Thursday Scares

Here’s yesterday’s and today’s scary moments from the Nancy Drew games: Would you agree that Ethel’s sudden appearance was a rather scary moment? I jump every time… What do you suppose tomorrow’s best scare will be? -Little Jackalope

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Costumes and Conventions

Hey all! Today we launch our costume contest! While everyone will get a T-shirt for participating, only one lucky winner will get a $100 Amazon gift card. Learn more here! Also, I will be attending the Nancy Drew convention from Thursday to Sunday, so watch our activities on Facebook and Twitter for updates. I will […]

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