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Postcards and Summer Trivia

I received an awesome postcard from fan Rozanna! She and her family are camping in South Dakota, apparently a great spot for Jackalope sightings. Thanks for sending me the postcard, Rozanna! LOVE it! Today’s Trivia Tuesday is from the classic Nancy Drew game The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Do you recall Tex’s sister’s name? 😉 […]

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Butter for the Key Hole

At first glance, this key hole medallion looks similar to the medallions in Treasure in the Royal Tower, but it is actually from Curse of Blackmoor Manor. For those of you who have played this game, do you remember this moment? As for the weekend puzzle, I haven’t seen it solved just yet, so I […]

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Souvenirs, Ellie, and Weekend Puzzle #279

If you have been around the blog for a while, there’s a likely chance you may already have seen this… Did you know the whale key chain from Danger on Deception Island is available to design in our Merchandise Store? It’s a real-life souvenir! It’s Friday! Check out our intern Ellie’s new video! Hope you […]

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Summer Adventures: Kayaking

Have you ever gone kayaking or canoeing? I did a long time ago, but sometime this summer I’d like to go again, mostly to re-experience this classic Nancy Drew moment: If you haven’t played Danger on Deception Island, we have it on sale for 50% off, today only for the digital download when you use […]

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Classic Nancy vs Debutante Nancy

An interesting article came out written about the original Nancy Drew vs the re-written Nancy Drew character. Check it out here! Which type of Nancy are you familiar with? I grew up reading the yellow back revised Nancy Drew books, but I own a couple of originals. -Little Jackalope

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SEA Puzzle Logic

We shared this meme the other day from Sea of Darkness: I like using the word Dagny used – “Electricitoloy” which isn’t a real word. I also like how Nancy Drew problems in the game are solved with puzzles like these. I wish real-life had problems that could be solved via jigsaw or sliders or […]

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Inspirational Women in Games

Hey all! Hope you had a fabulous Father’s day weekend! We are enjoying lovely sunny weather here in the Pacific Northwest. The Monday buzz from our office: Our intern, Ellie, talks about strong female characters in games. Check out her latest video! We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day everyone! (Well, happy entire weekend!) Hope you all have fun plans to celebrate with your family! In case you want to give Dad a Nancy Drew gift, we are having a sale on The Deadly Device… 😉 No weekend puzzle this time. Enjoy the lovely summer weather, celebrate Father’s day, and perhaps […]

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Obvious Overlooks

I’ve been re-playing Treasure in the Royal Tower recently, and even though I am very familiar with it, I still learned something new. You know when you first play a game, and you don’t read EVERYTHING like you should? Well, I had the game memorized after a few rounds in the earlier days, but had never […]

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Overcoming Threats

Do any of you remember this moment from Nancy Drew: The Final Scene? When I first played this game my reaction was “SSHHH, Nancy! You’ll let the villain know where you are at! AND you are giving away the fact that you are snooping in the projector room!” Even though I knew the suspects were […]

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