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End of Year Sale

Order your digital game or digital guide by December 31st!  

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Merry Christmas, 2012!!

So apparently today was scheduled to be the end of life as we know it, but as long as I’m still breathing, I shall write to you all! The team here wishes you all happy holidays! We will be out of the office all week next week to celebrate Christmas, including Dec. 31 and Jan. […]

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Her Interactive Christmas Video!!

Grr, yesterday’s post was set to a delay…It’s up now. Hooray! We posted a new Christmas greeting video to our YouTube Channel today! After a week and a half of planning, organizing, writing, filming, editing, and graphic creating, the entire Her Interactive team finished putting this awesome video together! My original plan was to send […]

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Her Interactive Logos

I was digging around our archives and graphics folders the other day and came across our old logos. Our name has gone through different designs since the beginning, check them out: I like to look at these and reminisce of the older days when we had the teal and gold website, although the pink looks […]

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Office Christmas Potluck!

Sorry everyone! I was out sick yesterday and therefore missed Monday’s post since I wasn’t in the office. 🙁 That means we have a lot to catch up on! First things first: the weekend puzzle was a rather easy one. Just find all of the letters that were bold and underlined in the last post […]

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Weekend Puzzle #178

It’s Friday, and the second-to-last weekend to go Christmas shopping! Of course, there is also (what I’ve heard as the smart way) online shopping, where the hassle is taken away and all that’s left is to receive it (and some instances wrap the gifts yourself). As for me, I will be making a few things […]

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Secret Behind the Clock’s Secret

Sounds like a few of you (especially many of those on the Message Boards) have been pondering the secret behind the cracked clock face on the cover of Secret of the Old Clock. If you have never noticed until now: the Roman Numerals skip the number 9 and add on the number 13. Very peculiar […]

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Lickie Loo Tuesday

Look what we got in today! Yep, everyone who ordered a game last week in the U.S. will get a fun-size package of Lickie Loo Lollipops. The team had a small assembly line to get them ready to send to all the lucky recipients.   Head’s up! Twitter Quote Contest is going on right now, […]

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No Monday Post? Whyever not?!

So I completely missed yesterday’s post…and therefore I must explain myself (because the truth must be revealed!)I forgot, but for this very important reason: We have been working hard on getting a special new merchandise item up (actually it’s secretly been up since Friday, but we didn’t say anything until today.) We are sneaky like […]

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Weekend Puzzle #177

Head’s up! There are only a few Lickie Loo lollipops left for those who order a game before the end of Sunday! To continue with our bug episode from yesterday, I’d thought to mention that a large wasp found its way into our office today, and was buzzing around the light above my head. Since […]

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