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Wednesday Treats

After staring at gummy bears all day (small project that I’m working on), I had to rest my eyes for a bit and decided to venture in the office kitchen to study the current table puzzle we are working on. A few moments later our Lead Tester and Designer come in with a treat: microwave […]

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Naming GTH

Last July (2012) members from each department, along with the design team, sat down in a very important brainstorm meeting: the naming of ND#28 Ghost of Thornton Hall. This meeting was only to get a feel and better understanding of what was going to happen in the story, and then play around with different key […]

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Nancy’s Wardrobe

Over the weekend I impersonated a spy….or someone…stole a sapphire and bugged a pigeon. As in fed the pigeon a tracking device. If you guessed correctly, you’d know I’ve been playing The Phantom of Venice. The game, as well as some projects I’ve been working along with some snooping through art files here in the […]

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Weekend Puzzle #182

Happy Friday! Here at the office we prepare for the weekend with lunchtime boardgames, and today in particular would involve a small team running a spaceship to defend the galaxy. Later, after working on our projects, I plan on sneaking into the game build for GTH and then snooping through the top secret project files […]

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Interview with Creative Director, Tim!

The first revealed hint from the past blog post 13 hints for 2013 has been revealed today! #5 on the list, “Director” was a reference to our Creative Director, Tim. Today we posted a video interview of this long-term Her Interactive artist who has worked on every Nancy Drew game to our YouTube Channel. Enjoy! […]

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Awards, Trophies and Badges

We have gone through many end-game awards over the years. At first, we were left to feel proud of ourselves over the accomplished game, which, after the closing letter, would drop us into the end credits. But when we made The Haunted Carousel, we added something a little extra to say “Well done!” Game awards! […]

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Historical Reference: Theatre

We have a Caption Contest winner! After the judges read through all comments on Facebook, it was narrowed down to Rachael G. of Australia for her caption: Gray: “So you don’t think wrapping ourselves in foil and paper clips to create little faraday suits would protect us?” Congrats Rachael! (Thanks for participating, everyone! Stay tuned […]

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Super Early Testing for GTH

Today hits the mark as the first day that we begin some serious testing for Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall! We brought in our full-time testers today because we now have a “playable” game build. There is a 75% chance that the game will crash on you if you try doing something (like play […]

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Weekend Puzzle #181

Today we had a special top-secret meeting concerning certain artwork for the future. We discussed the game and briefly talked about the story, the characters, location and specific relevant images to the game that we could use in this art. I will elaborate a little more on this later. For now, enjoy this puzzle concerning […]

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Embossing the Box Art

If you have ever purchased one of our games in a retail store, chances are the game came with a cardboard box wrap-around…or, as we call them in our office, an “O-card”. If you tilt the box in the light, and rub your finger over the front, you can see and feel the bumps of […]

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