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“The Captive Curse” Fans

Remember this fan here who made jewelry and a drawing of The Captive Curse? It turns out that she had made two of the necklaces…and sent me one with a lovely fan letter! Check it out! I was SUPER excited to receive this amazing gift, and instantly showed it off to fellow team members and […]

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“It’s UNlocked!”

Today we offered this download from Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall for the iPad: I love it. For those of you with tablet device that have a lock screen, you may understand how creative it is. I set my “lock” screen to the “It’s Locked!” picture of the crypt in the game, and then […]

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Weekend Puzzle #228

Friday has come at last, and doughnuts were brought in to celebrate at the office.Today, many of the artists were in a meeting, planning out their schedule and new ways of working on the next game. Production department is building up The Shattered Medallion, fixing bugs and puzzles and logic. The marketing team is busy […]

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Ice Cream Moments

We shared this Nancy Drew moment the other day: Is it just me, or do you all like to try (as Nancy) every single flavor and food item that is available to you in the games? Sometimes there are rewards for you if you do… like in Alibi in Ashes. Where other games, it can […]

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I Spy Nancy Drew Books!

This last weekend I took a day trip and had to stop at my favoritist book store. This is why it is my favorite shop in the world: Their Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book section is like heaven! Of course,  I did purchase a few rare books for my own collection. See that blue […]

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While the Fans Wait…

While many of our awesome fans eagerly await the arrival of our next game, Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion, they keep themselves busy with other Nancy Drew-related things. This fan on Tumblr posted a video of herself playing the old Nancy Drew theme song on her accordion! Check it out here. Another fan sent in […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

Check it out! Share the love this Valentine’s weekend by giving the gift of Nancy Drew! What better way to share the love than with a mystery? Nancy would approve. Shop here. Also, this Valentine’s Day card came in for Nancy: We have some fan art that came in! Check out Hailey’s collage she used […]

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The Artist is Coming

This looks like a cool picture! Let’s post this… My lips are sealed.No they’re not. I’m totally psyching out over this. SO EXCITED!~Little Jackalope~

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Bird Photos in Winter

Our office is in a nature park, so we often see all sorts of wildlife around. The other day we spotted a bald eagle perched in a tree. This reminded me of when we had to take several pictures for Red in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I suppose it would be cool to start […]

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Fan letter + GTH News

To show her thanks for winning the cookie contest last year, Rozanna sent us some fan mail. Only this fan mail is really creative: she used magazine clippings and Her Interactive-themed pictures to decorate with! Check it out: Also, we just shared the date for when we are releasing Ghost of Thornton Hall for the […]

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