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February News!

We have so many things going on this February that I had to put the announcements all together in this video: To learn more about each of these, you can click through the links below that I’ve gathered for you. KoKo Kringle Valentine’s Day Card Contest Our Twitch Profile – Sign up and follow us! […]

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The Amazing Monty

Do you remember this Throwback Thursday moment from The Final Scene? I was always convinced I knew EXACTLY which card was the ace of spades… but Monty is tricky. You can get the digital download for this game today for 50% off using promo code FIN-50. (In case you haven’t played this… this means that […]

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More Moments of Nancy Drew

Here in the office we are busy working on Codes & Clues and getting ready for a bunch of fun things for the month of February! Tomorrow will have a new item to share, and Friday will have a ton of things to announce! (Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter!) In the meantime, we […]

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Testing CNC Beta

“CNC” is the abbreviation we are using in our office for Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues, which is the latest game we are working on for phones and tablets. Today I got to play through the entire first beta build and see all the levels — so cool! Here’s the main screen that opens up […]

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Streaming Nancy Drew

For those of you who aren’t aware, video game streaming is a big thing! Perhaps you’ve seen arglefumph‘s videos of Nancy Drew on his YouTube channel, or even YourGibs or other fans’ channels, but there is another way to watch Nancy Drew games. LIVE! Some fans and professional gamers have taken Nancy Drew to the […]

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Friday Chat: Nancy Drew TV Show

Hey all! I just thought to stop by again and write another post since I missed two days this week from being out. In case you missed the latest Nancy Drew news, here’s the scoop: CBS is making a new Nancy Drew tv series! Read the full article at Hollywood Reporter here. So here are […]

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Fast Mini Games

Some of the mini games and puzzles and activities found in the Nancy Drew games are either timed, or you simply have to be FAST at solving it. One game in particular was putting the wasps to sleep in Legend of the Crystal Skull here:   What timed/fast activities did you like or had trouble […]

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Nancy Drew Moment Entries

I’m having a lot of fun seeing everyone’s Nancy Drew Moment entries from our contest! I had to share a couple that caught my eye today:     -Little Jackalope

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Leaping Lizards! It’s Fox and Geese!

Hey all! I was out of the office yesterday. But over the weekend we shared this great Nancy Drew meme from The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: I’ve heard many fans found this puzzle to be super hard, and even gave up playing the game because of this “Fox and Geese” challenge. (The challenge was […]

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Salem Contest! (And Weekend Puzzle #296)

Hooray! We are having a huge contest starting today and ending February 26th! Be sure to read the full description before entering your submissions here on the contest page. Here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! “Keys” OOSORHTOHAEHWEHPTESC -Little Jackalope

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