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“Call Me Nancy, Second Chance Me!”

For those of you who subscribed to our YouTube Channel or noticed our post on our Facebook page or via Twitter…Phoenix uploaded an amazing new video called “Call Me Nancy, Second Chance Me!” This time it’s a music video featuring her and I sporting *cough* super-incredible-skilled dance moves to an un-original song, but with original […]

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Weekend Puzzle #149 + Favicons!

Oops, looks like last week’s puzzle had a typo in the title. No worries, today should add up. What’s really cool about the puzzles is that they are always continuing on Fridays! If you have refreshed your Internet browser lately, you might have noticed a very tiny update to this blog, and also to our […]

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Videos, Snooping, and Interviews, Oh My!

We have several announcements today, and if you subscribed to our Newsletter, you might have already learned about all that is going on. (To view our latest newsletter, Click Here). I’m just going to catch you all up to speed on everything below: 1. Tomorrow (Friday July 27) is the last day to submit your […]

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Interview with Lead 2D Artist, Kris!

We interviewed our Lead 2D Artist, Kris! She is one of our fantastic artists who has contributed immensely to the world of Nancy Drew! Her Interactive: When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be when you grew up? Kris: Most often, I dreamed of being a world-traveling National Geographic photographer. But […]

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More Eggs = Fan Art!

One of our fans, Isabel sent in some great pictures of her work over the course of this year. She’s been hollowing out eggs and decorating them, one just like the egg in Alibi in Ashes, the other from my silly Sonny Joon drawing a while back. And her egg looks far better than mine, […]

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Egg Mystery = Accusations Part 1

First off, it’s one of our awesome fans’ birthday today! Happy Birthday Zara!   Secondly, Phoenix posted a new video today! She is snooping through the CEO and President’s offices. (o.O) What will she find? Will she get caught? And if she does, what will she say? You’ll just have to watch now!! As for […]

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Egg Mystery: Hollow Egg!

Happy 15th birthday Katie!! As I promised last week, I shall delve into the additions to the Egg Mystery that has been going on for the past couple months.   Last Thursday, it was late in the afternoon when I finally checked my desk drawer again. Behold! A new white chicken egg! There was no […]

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Weekend Puzzle #157

We have a new development in the egg mystery that has been going on. I will catch you up on it next week. Today in the office we are having a kick-off meeting for our next game ND#28. After our designer presents her fabulous PowerPoint, getting everyone  on the same page as we are about […]

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The Message Board

First things first: Happy 12th Birthday Joshua!! Hope you have a great one! (This is a lightning bolt, Tesla-themed cupcake).  I haven’t really spoken much about the message board lately, and I figured now is a grand time to do so! For our third summer week in a row, we have posted a new interview […]

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Brainstorming Names (ND#28)

We had a hurricane in the office yesterday. In the main conference room, several team members (mostly the design team and leads) and I got to sit in on a brainstorm session for the title of our next game that we are just starting to work on: ND#28. We need to begin the process of […]

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