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Taking Selfies

Last weekend’s puzzle was a backwards [railfence cipher]. When spelled out correctly, it says [Picture contest coming soon], which really means today! Head over to our Contest page to learn more! How creative can you get with your #NancyDrewSelfie? Can you dress up like a character? Stand in a Nancy Drew-like location? Pose in the […]

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Trivia Games (And Weekend Puzzle #243)

We have made a lot of Nancy Drew games. Therefore, we have a lot of random Nancy Drew trivia questions we could share. Do you follow us on Twitter or Facebook? Facebook especially has a lot of fun trivia questions and mini-mysteries posted to our wall. Check back each Tuesday for a new trivia question […]

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Ignoring Signs

Today we take a moment to remember way when we played a now-old Nancy Drew game. Today’s feature game: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Did you ever pay attention to the signs that said “Do not touch” or “Keep out” or “DANGER”? I know I sure did not… haha. That’s totally a Nancy thing: to […]

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Walking the Trails

Can you relate to this Nancy Drew moment from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake? I remember playing this game for the first time, and got lost often! Eventually I was able to recognizes little landmarks like fallen trees, stumps, random t-shirts hung up on the branches, and so on. These points helped me to navigate […]

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Journals and Scrapbooks

The older Nancy Drew games had mysteries heavily based on exploration. There weren’t very many puzzles and activities, but there were large environments to explore and new rooms and locked areas to discover. In those games (like Treasure in the Royal Tower) Nancy didn’t really need a task list or notebook. Perhaps she remembered the […]

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GTH Inspired Elements

Check out some fan art that Elizabeth B. created and sent to us! I love the vintage look! Actually, looking at this reminds me…. we have some hi-rendered art of Charlotte that was made especially for the merchandise store… Oooo! New summer project for me, I guess! Anyways, do you own an iPad, Kindle Fire, […]

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Friday Videos! (And Weekend Puzzle #242)

Guess what? The Hardy boys are going to be phone friends in the next game! Check out Dahlia’s latest video for some behind-the-scenes footage of our recording studio session from this month: Also, Dahlia has made a second Vine, take a look! And here’s your weekend puzzle: Clue: Old-fashioned texting. 6.1 – 3.2 – 5.3 […]

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It’s Throwback Thursday! (ND Style!)

You may have seen a couple of these already posted to our social media sites, but if you are visiting for the first time or are just catching up, this is a new picture series we started. it highlights those classic memories from playing the older Nancy Drew games. I loved finding this when I […]

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The Blue Roadster

Nancy’s car has often been described differently in the books, as well as changed appearances in the games. Can you relate to this Nancy Drew moment below? In the books, sometimes her car is a maroon color, but often it is blue. Sometimes it is described as a roadster, others as a convertible. What do […]

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The Unseen Environments

I went snooping through some old art archives and found this art render: Recognize this cabin outside of its environment? It is Sally’s new home in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. This is one of the places I would love to live in in real life! (This and the Wickford castle in Treasure in the […]

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