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Nancy Drew in 2019

Hello all! I have just returned from maternity leave. Welcome to 2019! This year is the year for more Nancy Drew things! For starters, Midnight in Salem will be releasing soon! Have you subscribed to our newsletter? We announce all great Nancy Drew news there, so I highly recommend signing up. This year we have […]

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Odyssey & the Hardy Boys (Weekend Puzzle #350)

Hey all! We are offering a new game on our web site, perhaps you’ve seen it or heard of it? Odyssey! We are excited to have partnered with The Young Socratics to bring you an all-new mystery adventure game – Odyssey.  In the past, we have never published 3rd party titles on our site.  But […]

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It’s the Hi Life

We have a little-known T-shirt design available in our Amazon collection… That’s right, traveling the world, getting lost, solving mysteries, interrogating suspects, snooping in other people’s things, exploring and more… it’s the HeR Interactive lifestyle. Show your pride! Shop for this t-shirt on Amazon here! Also, we have a new coloring page for you! No […]

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The Hardy Boys Merch

We shared a few images today on our Facebook page. I’ll share them again here: THIS EXISTS! A Hardy boys pillowcase is in our merchandise store! Woot. We received this one today at our office to start putting together the Greek Prize Pack for our pre-order promotion. (You can learn how to win it here!) […]

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Preparing LIE Merchandise (Weekend Puzzle #252)

Since work on the trailer has ended, I’m working on the strategy guide for Labyrinth of Lies. However, I’m taking a short break to work on adding some images to the merchandise store. Here’s what I’m adding next week: LIE Cover Art LIE Box Art (has all the colored bars and text like the box) […]

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Hardy Boys + Scooby-Doo! (Weekend Puzzle #248)

HARDY BOYS CONFIRMED: Our character designer has re-designed the art for Frank & Joe Hardy! This illustration will be their phone avatar in Labyrinth of Lies. What do you think? Compare to the last two designs from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and The Creature of Kapu Cave: Also, here is the video that […]

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I Spy Nancy Drew Books!

This last weekend I took a day trip and had to stop at my favoritist book store. This is why it is my favorite shop in the world: Their Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book section is like heaven! Of course,  I did purchase a few rare books for my own collection. See that blue […]

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Weekend Puzzle #140 = CONTEST!!

Hooray! Friday has come and that means it’s weekend puzzle time! This weekend is special, because it is a contest, and the prize is a Hardy Boys Decoder Puzzle seen here: Here are the rules, read carefully! 1. Solve the weekend puzzle below. 2. When you think you have the right answer , email it […]

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