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Charon at the River Styx (Weekend Puzzle #250)

We released another screenshot today! This is Charon the ferryman who ferries the dead across the river Styx. He’s very creepy. If you look closer, to the right is Cerberus, guarding a door. The pre-orders for Labyrinth of Lies will soon be around the corner! We’ve listed everything that is in the BONUS EDITION (which […]

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Labyrinth of Lies Info!

So I missed my blog post yesterday! Here’s why: we’ve been working hard and fast since we have finished the cover art for Labyrinth of Lies. We have all sorts of things to share with you today! For starters, the official product page for LIE is up now! Check it out now! We’ve got all […]

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Labyrinth of Lies Cover Art Revealed!

Yay! Enough said. Oh yeah! What do you think? Do you like it better than other covers? What clues to the game does this reveal to you? Here’s a small secret: we already have this art available in the poster section of our merchandise store if you want to add this decoration to your wall. […]

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Chocolate and Secrets

Hey sleuths! I just received some very important files. TOP SECRET. And so I’m diving into these today and tomorrow, pulling stuff out and preparing to show you what we are up to. The Here’s my mischievous task list: Labyrinth of Lies is looking real good! I was playing some of the puzzles today to […]

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So Many Things Weekend! (Plus Weekend Puzzle #249)

We have sooo many things to share today!! Let’s see… first things first. Many of you are returning to school. Oh boy! How exciting! Now is a great time to play games like Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED and Warnings at Waverly Academy, which take place in schools. Are you excited to return to school? What […]

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Kidnappings, Fans, and Myths

Do you remember how much you (as Nancy) struggled to get people to help look for Maya in The Final Scene? I remember FIN being the game where Nancy sounded the most anxious, desperate and worried about her friend. But then, if I had a friend who was kidnapped and her life had a three-day […]

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Sneaking Around

One of the best Nancy Drew skills you can work on is your sneaking skill. Sneaking around in places when you technically shouldn’t be is something a good detective must be able to do, without getting caught! In the Nancy Drew games you, as Nancy Drew, must sneak through hallways or explore rooms before a […]

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LIE Dates & Scary Games

Mark your calendars! We have officially released the dates for Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies! Also, intern Dahlia made a great vine today! I find it funny sometimes how one person may think a Nancy Drew game is scary, while their friends don’t think it’s scary at all… Which games do not scare you? We […]

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Favorite Game, On a Shirt!

Fan Rachel went into our merchandise store, designed a T-shirt… And took a picture of it when she received it. She was super excited for her shirt to arrive (featuring cover art from The Phantom of Venice)! I’ve been working on some merchandise store image planning these past few weeks. Intern Dahlia created some images […]

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Hardy Boys + Scooby-Doo! (Weekend Puzzle #248)

HARDY BOYS CONFIRMED: Our character designer has re-designed the art for Frank & Joe Hardy! This illustration will be their phone avatar in Labyrinth of Lies. What do you think? Compare to the last two designs from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and The Creature of Kapu Cave: Also, here is the video that […]

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