Top 9 Cooking Fun Games

Join in on a summer of cooking celebration with Nancy Drew Games! Cook up a great summer of fun celebrating all the tasty food from the games and be inspired to make delicious creations of your own during our Summer Cook-Off Contest.



Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Midnight in Salem#1 Nancy Drew: Midnight in SalemWhip up some Johnny Cakes in Midnight in Salem!

Escape the past to solve the mystery!


• Cook a New England favorite dish: Johnny Cakes

• Mix herbal potions and learn about ancient remedies






Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Danger by Design#2 Nancy Drew: Danger by Design Mix ingredients and bake some mint chocolate chip cookies in Danger by Design!

Go undercover in Paris and unravel a case in style!


• Experience mixing ingredients for tea

• Convert measurements to make cookies






Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Warnings at Waverly Academy#3 Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly AcademyMake sandwiches and serve up snacks for school credit in Warnings at Waverly Academy!

Enroll in a school plagued by suspicions and lies!


• Run the school snack bar

• Learn about 19th-century dinner courses & silverware






Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games The White Wolf of Icicle Creek#4 Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle CreekCook up breakfast, lunch, and dinner and fill the guests' orders in The White Wolf of Icicle Creek!!

Follow a trail to hidden secrets and sabotage!


• Cook up savory meals such as omelets, hamburgers, and salmon

• Use time management in cooking and solving the case







Play Secret of Shadow Ranch#5 Nancy Drew:  The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Take a wild ride into terror and trickery to rein in a ghostly secret!


• Bake a birthday cake for a cowboy

• Learn how to pick ripe fruit and vegetables






#6 Nancy Drew:  Sea Of Darkness

Set a Course for Danger and Discovery!


• Work in the Missti Skip pub kitchen and earn tips

• Cook up traditional Icelandic Þorramatur






Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games The Silent Spy#7 Nancy Drew:  The Silent Spy

Defuse a Toxic Plot and Reveal the Truth Behind Kate Drew’s Death!


• Race the clock to decorate Jammie Dodger biscuits for tips

• Sample traditional Scottish foods, like haggis, stovies, & kippers






#8 Nancy Drew: Shadow At The Water’s Edge

Confront Terrifying Secrets in a Haunted Japanese Inn!


• Help out a friend assembling cute animal-themed bento boxes

• Test your skills at chadō, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony






#9 Nancy Drew:  Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon

Catch this train — it’s your ticket to solving a century-old mystery!


• Sort taffy on an assembly line, and throw out the defects

• Make time for a cheeseburger by fixin’ up orders at a diner






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