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♡♡ Your Ultimate Guide to the Nancy Drew Games Valentine’s Day Fun! ♡♡

Hey there, fellow amateur sleuths, and mystery lovers! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is almost here? It’s time to add a little mystery and romance to the mix! When you think of Nancy Drew, do you think about romance? Most people would probably say no, but this year, I compiled an ultimate guide to all […]

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Puzzle #378 Answer and Mystery of the Seven Keys Wallpaper!

Omigosh! Did this weekend puzzle finally take the Clue Crew over and hour to solve?! If I had to put money on it, this is not the puzzle that I would’ve bet to be tough. I will say though, many of you figured out the “gist” of the solutions probably within the hour but not […]

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VEN Hi-Res Wallpaper

I’ve been gearing up for the next Twitch party, which will be celebrating The Phantom of Venice, and I was snooping around the archives. Look what I found! This art below was rendered at hi-res by the artist at the time for print – on the box art! So I turned it into a hi-res […]

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Hi-Res Widescreen Wallpapers: Thornton Hall Parlor

I found a few more hi-res images! These images are rendered out by the artists for us to use on the box art, so the print size has to be a higher resolution. I simply changed the color mode to use for desktop wallpapers (digital). Sometimes the  screenshots get used in the box art, sometimes […]

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Hi-Res Widescreen Wallpapers: Haunted Mansion

I found another print-quality hi-res screenshot! This one’s from Message in a Haunted Mansion. You can download this from the downloads section on the page. Today’s Throwback Thursday is from The Haunting of Castle Malloy! You can get the digital download for 50% off today using promo code HAU50 at checkout. -Little Jackalope Save

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Early Halloween Starts (And a wallpaper!)

Woot! We have a one-week sale on these select T-shirts on Amazon! Get these in time for Halloween! You can shop here for the shirts. Also, we have two contests going on now! And yes, the contest is open to all, even non-U.S. residents. 😉 Click on each image to learn more information about each […]

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A Few Things Indy Has Been Working On

Hi Guys, it’s me Indy again.  I just wanted to share with you a few things I have been working on since I last talked to you guys. First, here is my new video I put out yesterday. After popular request for a Nancy Drew craft video that appeals to all fans I created this DIY […]

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The Pacific Run Field

Look what we revealed today! This is the field environment in The Shattered Medallion. ~Click on the image for a larger view~ A portion of this environment was used for inspiration on the cover art. That reminds me….as soon as I am finished working on the official trailer (which is releasing next Wednesday on April […]

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Arena and Character

Looks like a few of you solved the weekend puzzle! The answer is “An Unmentioned Character“. Which may or may not be what you think… you will just have to wait an play the game. By the way, we showed this character, just not clearly. Today we released another wallpaper from The Silent Spy:   […]

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An Exciting GTH Week

Although it isn’t pre-order time, and of course, the trailer isn’t going to be ready anytime soon…I would still venture to say that this week is going to be an mildly-exciting one for Ghost of Thornton Hall! The weekend puzzle gave away one of the anticipations this week: To solve it, use Morse code to […]

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