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Weekend Puzzle #232

It’s the weekend! Most importantly we begin a game marathon building up to the release of The Shattered Medallion. In this blog post here I list out the schedule of the games I will be playing. This weekend we begin with Treasure in the Royal Tower, for the fun of searching for missing medallions! A […]

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MED Fan Art – Box Covers

For the past several months I have seen several fan art for The Shattered Medallion, particularly for the cover art (this is from before we revealed our official art). I wanted to show you what our fans were thinking and how they creatively perceived the game to be, using only the knowledge they had from […]

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Memorizing the Games

For those of us players who like to replay the Nancy Drew mysteries over and over, we tend to memorize random parts. For example, certain quotes like “Fifty drumsticks, please! Chicken, that is. Cluck, cluck!” or even “You’re asking the wrong amnesiac!” Other things we might remember would be where to find an Easter egg […]

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News & Medallions

There is a lot going on this week at Her Interactive! We just finished the Caption Contest on Facebook (congrats to our winner, Avery!), and we are getting the product page ready for The Shattered Medallion. There is a lot to do! Also, just a head’s up: we will be working on the Message Boards […]

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Sonny Appearances in March

What did you think of the cover art we released last Friday? Yes we have been teasing Sonny Joon for a while now, and to clarify, yes it is Sonny on the cover art. I personally am really excited because Sonny, to me, turned out better than I imagined. Our style of the cover art […]

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Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion Box Art

The Shattered Medallion box art has been released! Mark your calendars for pre-orders on April 15th! Click the image for a larger view! Here are all the dates to keep in mind for The Shattered Medallion: -The Her Interactive Team

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Marathons in the Spring

I’m super excited because today is the first day of spring! Here’s a sample of what our spring here looks like during lunchtime at the office: On a new note, I’ve seen questions from you come up inquiring about Nancy Drew game marathons in preparation for our next game release. There are three types of […]

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Blowing Up Chemicals — It’s a Nancy Drew Thing

We shared this Nancy Drew moment today: How many of you have experienced the frustration and paranoid fear when you tried solving this puzzle? Each time I play The Haunting of Castle Malloy and reach this puzzle I get nervous. Using the claw to pick up the individual elements without touching anything else is a […]

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Medallions of the Past

Medallions occasionally make appearances in various types of Nancy Drew mysteries, as well as in the books. They are highly valued pieces of ornately decorated stones or jewelry that are a treasure to its owner. Three medallions were the center piece of the story in Treasure in the Royal Tower, where Nancy had to locate […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014!

I unearthed an old sketch I did a few years ago to share with you for today in honor of St. Patrick’s day. From left to right is a coatimundi, an alien, a leprechaun in the alien’s hat and spaceship, and a Koko kow from Sonny’s sketch on Minette’s intern’s computer screen. There are still […]

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