KEY Puzzle Palooza!

Ahoy hoy puzzlers!

April is fan month and we have a lot going on!

  • You already saw the beautiful new cover art from our favorite resident HeR artist Mark Tolleshaug
  • Nancy’s birthday is right around the corner
  • Exclusive limited time Game 34 merch is available for a limited time in our merchandise store!
  • And in *redacted* something we like to call “Puzzle Palooza” is about to start…

Consider this your headquarters of Puzzle Palooza and be sure to check back in periodically if your ever stuck or need some extra materials. Happy Fan Month!

— Indy



Puzzle 1: Posted on @NancyDrewPCGames on Instagram


Puzzle 2: Posted on @NancyDrewPCGames on Instagram



Puzzle 3: Posted on @NancyDrewPCGames on Instagram

Need a printout to help you with the puzzlee? Here yah go! april2024_puzzlepalooza_printable




Puzzle 4: Posted on @NancyDrewPCGames on Instagram

Couldn’t tell what the black screen was? Check here!


The Final Puzzle: Posted on @NancyDrewPCGames on Instagram

What could it mean? Happy Sleuthing and thank you all for joining us in this wonderful Puzzle Palooza!

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2 responses to “KEY Puzzle Palooza!”

  1. Calina says:

    Could we know what typeface is used for the cutouts?;)

  2. Sassy Detective says:

    Thank you guys for the puzzles and the amazing cover art! Everyone is so excited after the trailer’s release. Just had a couple of questions: Do you know if game 34 will have physical copies for sale? And are Bonus Editions available for pre-orders?

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