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Black Friday Sale!!

Hey all! Today we begin our HUGE Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale! Shop here and get 50% any game! Hope you all are having a great weekend! (Sorry, no puzzle this time.) -Little Jackalope

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Also…remember Black Friday sale is just around the corner! -Little Jackalope

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Learning Random Facts

Do you ever find yourself stating a fun fact that happened to learn from a Nancy Drew game? Things like identifying something from the periodic table of elements, or the Fujita scale for tornadoes? Then perhaps a few of you could relate to this Nancy Drew moment, featuring Tomb of the Lost Queen: Our office […]

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Christmas Wish List 2014

Even though we still have our American Thanksgiving day in just a couple of days… I have already started to think about Christmas. Have you started writing out your Christmas wish list? What Nancy Drew games are on your list? What Nancy Drew gear do you want to add to your ultimate Nancy Drew collection? […]

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Nancy and Shopping

In Secret of the Old Clock, you, as Nancy Drew, get to purchase toys at the store. In Trail of the Twister you get to pick up groceries for the disaster preparedness kit. These may make sense, but sometimes Nancy gets to purchase random things. Like a glass-blown deer in The Captive Curse, win key […]

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Falling from Balconies

Happy Friday everyone! I missed yesterday’s post because we’ve been super busy, which is why I also don’t have a puzzle for you this weekend, sorry! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there are lots of preparations to be made. I do have a fun Nancy Drew meme to share, though! This is from […]

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Nancy’s Destiny

For many of the Nancy Drew games, you start out at Nancy’s center of operations: her desk. This moment features Nancy desk in The Haunting of Castle Malloy, where you start off simply as a member of the wedding party in Ireland. Who knew that you’d end up with a mystery later? Well… you did… […]

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Nancy in the Clouds

Check this out! Our latest game, Labyrinth of Lies, is in the Alaska Airlines holiday gift guide! We are excited that so many people will get to see the game. ‘Cause I think this was a fun game. 🙂 Now the plane passengers will know about it. On a side note: Have you played The […]

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Helping Characters? Meh.

Have you ever noticed that Nancy often offers her help to the characters she is visiting? She is a very helpful person! Originally in the books it is because Nancy is a kind person. In the games however, she has a second reason for helping the characters: That’s right. Nancy takes every opportunity to snoop […]

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Twitter Party! (And Weekend Puzzle #258)

Today is the Twitter party! Head over to Twitter and follow us to participate in fun questions, trivia and prize drawings! The Party starts at 1:00pm PT. And here’s your weekend puzzle! Enjoy! Happy birthday to our fans! -Little Jackalope

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