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Weekend Puzzle #202

Hooray for Friday! The team at Her Interactive has been working hard on a small new…thing…for next month, so stay tuned to learn more! Sonny Joon has apparently been quite busy with his new…group…so to speak, in Tomb of the Lost Queen. This time, his focus is on aliens! He has quite the fascination for […]

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Sonny Joon and Purple-Haired Guys

In The Phantom of Venice, one of the characters writes a little about Sonny Joon, while another character mentions how colorful his hair was. The team here at Her Interactive has their own colorful-haired guy, and his name is Alex. We interviewed him in an Amateur Sleuth Blog video! This video will be going live […]

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Sonny Does His Research

In Ransom of the Seven Ships, Sonny’s notebook becomes very helpful to Nancy. His research notes from being out in the field, studying the terribly clever Vervet monkeys, helps you understand how to play their games, and ultimately get you rewards that you will need later. Wow, Sonny has been to this remote island in […]

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Sonny in Paris with a Chance of Aliens

First of all, we are announcing the Caption Contest today! We will post the winner on our home site as well as our Facebook page. Sonny’s doodles return in Danger by Design not only in his notes, but also as set as his –now Nancy’s– desktop wallpaper. You, too, can have his peaceful aliens star […]

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When Sonny “Showed Up”

Hey all! I’m currently in San Diego off on an adventure with flat Sonny (see the summer contest we have going on here.) I will try getting some fun photos taken of Sonny and me to post on Facebook (unless you’ve seen some already!). Until I return to really talk about my travels with Sonny, […]

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Weekend Puzzle #201

Even though we skipped celebrating the 200th puzzle last week, we can still celebrate this milestone! Hooray for puzzle #201! Next week I will be out on vacation in San Diego, taking pictures with Flat Sonny for some contest fun (of course, I can’t win, but you sure can!). Were will you take flat Sonny […]

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Girls and Technology

Not too long ago I posted about how Nancy Drew games are made for everyone: girls, boys, and adults, young and old. Now I would like to point out why we focus on and continue to encourage girls. Yes, you may see that our company name is “Her”, and our web site is now pink, […]

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Haunting Songs

Have you listened to the music while playing Ghost of Thornton Hall? I think it’s awesome, and since I have the soundtrack I get to listen to it on speakers just by itself, volume cranked up louder so I can fully appreciate the work and design that was put into the score. If you’d like […]

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This Week’s Office Episode: Secrets and Fans

Last week had some exciting things going on in the office, and this week is filled with more! The Art team has been working up on finishing a milestone for our next game, Production and Development has been testing a few puzzles (and today we had a meeting about the results of these), tomorrow we […]

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Clock Work

I have a fascination with “time”. At times, when things are going slow, tedious, you are impatient, or perhaps things are just dull, time can feel like it’s going soooo slow. 30 minutes can feel like an eternity! But when you are having fun, are otherwise intently focused and occupied, or are naturally patient, time […]

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