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Halloween Sale 2016!

Hooray! We have a Halloween sale on these select games this year, shop here! Which Nancy Drew mystery have you not solved yet? Also, we are announcing our next Twitch party! It’s next week starting Wednesday. Follow us on Twitch here to get the alerts when we go live! I’m so excited to be playing […]

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Hi-Res Widescreen Wallpapers: Haunted Mansion

I found another print-quality hi-res screenshot! This one’s from Message in a Haunted Mansion. You can download this from the downloads section on the page. Today’s Throwback Thursday is from The Haunting of Castle Malloy! You can get the digital download for 50% off today using promo code HAU50 at checkout. -Little Jackalope Save

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High-Res Widescreen Wallpapers: CUR

Yesterday I missed a blog post because I was having computer troubles with the web site. Today it has been fixed and I can upload pictures again! So here I am, uploading a high-res widescreen wallpaper from Curse of Blackmoor Manor! I found this in the packaging files for the game — it was made […]

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Early Halloween Starts (And a wallpaper!)

Woot! We have a one-week sale on these select T-shirts on Amazon! Get these in time for Halloween! You can shop here for the shirts. Also, we have two contests going on now! And yes, the contest is open to all, even non-U.S. residents. 😉 Click on each image to learn more information about each […]

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Widescreen Wallpapers & Fan Videos (And Weekend Puzzle #317)

Hey all! A big fan, Huw, interviewed me for his YouTube channel! If you have a spare hour and fifteen minutes, we chat about all kinds of things. Enjoy! (And thanks, Huw for the fun chat!) Also, I found more hi-res screenshots! This time, they are from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. There are two […]

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Sleuthing Team Shirts (And a TBT Sale!)

Throwback to the old games! Honestly, I wish there was more need to explore and snoop the roller coaster in The Haunted Carousel — it was just so cool! If you don’t have this game, you can get the digital download for $5 using promo code CAR50 at checkout today only. On a newer note, […]

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Widescreen Wallpapers: The Carousel Edition

Just like yesterday, I went exploring through the archives and found this image from The Haunted Carousel that was used for printing on the physical box. It’s a nice large, widescreen image that is super nice as a desktop wallpaper: You can save this image by clicking on this image below, right-mouse click–> Save Image. […]

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Widscreen Hi-Res Screenshots

I’ve been sorting some CD files and storing them in our archive, but while in the archive, I came across some screenshots from the games. These screenshots were created in hi-resolution for printing on the physical boxes, so the pictures are large! This is a treasure to me, since my computer screen is widescreen and […]

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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016

It’s that’s day of the year again. Arrrr. Mateys. That’s all I got. >_< And I left my tricorn hat at home because I forgot it. Anyways! If you are missing the Nancy Drew game Ransom of the Seven Ships, you can get it today for 50% off the digital download. Use promo code PIRATE16 […]

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Walkthroughs (And Weekend Puzzle #316)

Back in the late 1990s-early 2000s, going online to find a hint or solution was not as popular as it is now. If you were even lucky to have internet in your house back then, too. Sometimes, purchasing a Strategy Guide or asking your fellow friends for help was your only way to get past […]

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