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Merry Christmas 2013!

We have a lot to share with you today! First off, we will be out of the office these days: The winners of the cookie contest have been announced! Visit the Dare to Play blog here to see who won! (Thanks everyone for participating!) Today is the first day of snow for us here in […]

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Sonny Cookies

We’ve been looking at all of the Cookie Contest Entries that came in, and now we are sorting them. By the end of the day tomorrow (Friday) we will have chosen our winners and will be posting the Cookie Cookbook in pdf form with all the entries submitted. This way, everyone can check out the […]

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Nancy Drew for the Holidays

We shared this Nancy Drew moment with you today: We heard that many of you already had the entire Nancy Drew game collection, and we understand. So we made this in honor of you. XD For those of you who are missing a game, Christmas is just around the corner! It’s an excellent time to […]

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Cookies and Ornaments

I was out sick yesterday, and now I have returned to the office to open a newly arrived package containing a few of the prizes for the Cookie Contest winner. Take a look at how they turned out in real life!   I kind of want to get my own little Christmas Tree just so […]

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Weekend Puzzle #223

This is the last weekend to work on your cookie contest entries! This next Thursday is the last day we will accept cookie entries, so get a jump start on your cookie designs soon if you want to enter! Also, don’t forget about the Christmas sale! If you wanted the physical game in time for […]

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Gummy Bear Craze

Have you played The Deadly Device? (Excellent game because it’s entirely indoors and there is snow outside, so it’s a wintry type of game). One of our fans, Rozanna also created these for the cookie contest. Of course I had to share it with you! Gummy bears are awesome! It reminded me of this bag […]

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Fan Letters and Items for Fans

Today I received a wonderful letter from a fan named Nina. I was very excited to receive it! The envelope had stickers (some were 3D!) and crayon art, and inside were fan doodles and many references to Nancy Drew games! I LOVED it! Check it out: Also, for everyone who sent in fan mail to […]

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Cookies Excitement!

Yesterday and today we started to receive a few cookie entries to our Cookie Contest! I’m getting super excited, too, and I’m totally nerding out right now. Why? Because our fans are SO creative! We had to share a few with you that came in today. Carlahna designed some cookies inspired by Shadow at the […]

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Treasure in … Your Home!

Have you entered the cookie contest? Last weekend we showed you the prizes for winning here: Take a look at that! (I know, I’m still SUPER excited). One of the holiday ornaments (which are made of ceramic) are from Treasure in the Royal Tower! I pretty much added the three colored medallions from the game, […]

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Weekend Puzzle #222 + December Things!

There are a lot of things going on this Christmas and holiday season! If you have already been following us, you’ll already know all that’s going on. For those who are just now joining us, here is a recap of this week’s news: Win a Nancy Drew Laptop! Visit our home site here to find […]

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