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Game Order, Payment or Shipping Support

Digital River Customer Service is available 24/7/365. For all questions concerning Online Store Orders (purchases, billing, refunds, shipping, download issues), please contact Digital River and have your order number available.







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Technical Support - Installation & Game Play

You may contact HeR Interactive for questions regarding game installation and game play issues (excludes game play hints, tips and spoilers). On weekdays please allow at least 24 hours for an email response. Our offices are closed on weekends. When contacting Her Interactive, please include the following information:


• What game(s) are you trying to install/play?
• Where did you purchase your game(s)?
• Are the game(s) physical disc(s) or digital download(s)?
• If physical disc(s), did you purchase the game(s) new or used? Did the game come in a multi-pack? If yes, what other games were included in the multi-pack?
• What operating system are you running (i.e. Windows: 7/8/8.1/10, Yosemite 10.10+, El Capitan 10.11+, Sierra 10.12+)?
• Are you getting an error message? If yes, what is the error message? If not, what happens when you try to install or play your game(s)?



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Technical Support - Self-Help FAQs

Want to solve your technical support mystery on your own? Visit our Tech Support FAQs or visit our Tech Support Message Board.

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