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“mMmm, I feel like some…” (And Weekend Puzzle #264)

Hooray for Fridays! I don’t have much to say today except… And here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! -Little Jackalope

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Burning Quesadillas

Today’s Throwback Thursday features The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Remember when you first entered the kitchen in the Icicle Creek lodge? The orders came in and it was up to you to perfectly fulfill each one. Sometimes if you tried multitasking to make the orders faster, you’d lose track of what’s cooking… and burn […]

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Nancy Brands & Slogans

Sometimes our artists have fun. In Nancy Drew’s world, there are a lot of fictional products that we must create to fill it. Fake brand names like Ulmers Glue or Sopressa Chocolates or Ev-R-Lit flashlights or Ding Bats Cereal can be found in various place in the games. One of the most popular brand items […]

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Blizzards = Nancy Drew Time!

Over here on the West Coast, near Seattle WA where our office is located, it has been a warm January for us. The past two days were bright and sunny and a wonderful 60 degrees. It’s not a typical winter for us, but we’ve been enjoying it! Interestingly enough, we hear that much of the […]

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Early Valentines Plans

Welcome to Monday, my favorite day of the week! Today I begin brainstorming what games are the best to share and play for Valentines Day. At first I tried thinking of the games where Ned is available on the phone, or perhaps any games where someone flirts with Nancy. But then I thought of games […]

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Nancy’s Skills (And Weekend Puzzle #263)

For those of you who have played The Haunted Carousel, you may understand the humor in this meme: Do you find it funny that Nancy is quite capable of doing some electrical work, yet can’t turn a simple switch off? This iron needs to be turned off after use, or else… well, you’ll just have […]

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Tinkering in Research

Today I spent the majority of my time studying the merchandise store. Every once in a while it’s good to get a clear picture of what works and what does not work. I see areas on the web site that could use some extra attention, perhaps swapping out new featured images, too. I also take […]

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End of SEA Walkthroughs

Today we spent several hours playing through the last third of Sea of Darkness. The puzzles led up to the grand finale and the culprit was identified. (No worries, I won’t give you the spoiler!) Much of the animation hasn’t made it into the game yet, so it was a little hard to imagine the […]

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Early Designs and Fan Teasers

Today I joined our design team for day two of our critical walkthrough. Four of us take over the main conference room and load up a very rough game build of Sea of Darkness. The game is far from being done! Most of the art is there, if at least placeholders, the puzzles are working […]

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Previews & Teasers

Did you know we keep our game previews and official teaser videos up on our YouTube channel? Check out this playlist we have here: A lot of viewers get mixed up with these previews and teaser videos. They tend to mistake them for the Official Trailers. These teasers and previews are what we show at […]

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