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♡♡ Your Ultimate Guide to the Nancy Drew Games Valentine’s Day Fun! ♡♡

Hey there, fellow amateur sleuths, and mystery lovers! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is almost here? It’s time to add a little mystery and romance to the mix! When you think of Nancy Drew, do you think about romance? Most people would probably say no, but this year, I compiled an ultimate guide to all […]

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Monday Videos

Hey all, I took a vacation day on Friday, so I apologize for not making a post for Friday ahead of time. On Thursday last week we finished playing Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon in our Twitch party, so we didn’t go live on Friday as originally planned. And if you missed it, here’s […]

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Day 3 Twitch: TRN

We are having our Twitch party tonight! There’s a chance we may finish it tonight and not even need to play tomorrow night, just a head’s up. 😉 Anyways, hope to see you there! Follow us and watch live at We have Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon on Sale for today and tomorrow! […]

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Day Two: Twitch (TRN) and Weekend Puzzle #327

If you missed yesterday’s stream of Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, you can watch it here: If you would like to get the digital download for 25% off, use the promo code at checkout after you shop here. Be sure to join us tonight for Day 2 on Twitch here! Also, if you want […]

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Day 1: Twitch Party (TRN)

Tonight’s the first night we are streaming Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon! Follow us here, watch live for free, and sign in to join the live chat. We will be giving away prizes each day of the stream. 😉 In honor of the Twitch party, we have the game on sale today […]

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Taffy, Iggy and Hamburgers

Hooray! It’s National Hamburger Day! So our Throwback Thursday is none other than from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon…. Excuse me… CHEESEburger. Anyways, if you are missing this game, you can get it for 50% off tonight only using promo code TRN-50 at the checkout screen. Enjoy! I celebrated today in an off way… […]

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Strange Quotes From The Bathroom

Not much is happening around the office today. It was actually so quiet during lunch I read a little bit of Nancy Drew: The Sign of the Twisted Candles at Little Jackalope’s suggestion.  Pretty much the biggest thing that happened today was our windows got washed. But that is not very excited to you so […]

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Day Two: Treasure in the Royal Tower

Yesterday we began playing Treasure in the Royal Tower on Twitch. Tonight, in less than an hour we shall continue! Tonight I will be showing off photos of the real-life castle that we used as reference and inspiration for Wickford Castle. Stay tuned! Follow us and join the Twitch party here. Also, JUST for the […]

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Leaping Lizards! It’s Fox and Geese!

Hey all! I was out of the office yesterday. But over the weekend we shared this great Nancy Drew meme from The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: I’ve heard many fans found this puzzle to be super hard, and even gave up playing the game because of this “Fox and Geese” challenge. (The challenge was […]

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Cheeseburger Day + Nancy Drew Inception

Today is National Cheeseburger day! We are having a sale on Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon because you get to make cheeseburgers. Enjoy. (Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so check our social media pages for tomorrow’s sale.) As for what I have been teasing you these past few weeks, it was […]

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