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Sunny Yoon and Throw Back Thursday

Last night I was goofing around online while watching tv and I found this picture that a fan had taken while they were visiting Salem Massachusetts. I found it so fitting that I had to share it with you today! What do you guys think? Has Sonny Joon created a not so secret identity and […]

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We’re on TV!

Well, our CEO had 6 minutes of fame in Seattle. But still! Our local news station has a morning talk show called New Day Northwest, and Penny was a guest this morning who got to share a little about Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues. Check it out here: -Little Jackalope

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River Heights and Your Hometown

Have you played Alibi in Ashes and explored River Heights? Or perhaps you have read a few Nancy Drew books and picked up a few clues to what River Heights is like? Our summer intern, Indy, briefly went back to her hometown and made this video about the differences between her and Nancy Drew. Is […]

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Vintage Sounds

Even though today is National Sunglasses Day (shout out to Margherita from The Phantom of Venice!), I would like to write about something totally different… Are you a classic Nancy Drew fan? As in, you really like the old Nancy Drew games (1-12 or so)? Then you might enjoy this bit: On the Stay Tuned […]

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World UFO Day 2016

You’ve probably detected that we’ve been celebrating a lot of random holidays. You are right. Since we don’t have any new news about ND33, we’ve been reminiscing the older Nancy Drew games. Each day is great day to highlight one game in particular, and this weekend we are celebrating Sonny Joon’s fascination with UFOs and […]

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A Few Things Indy Has Been Working On

Hi Guys, it’s me Indy again.  I just wanted to share with you a few things I have been working on since I last talked to you guys. First, here is my new video I put out yesterday. After popular request for a Nancy Drew craft video that appeals to all fans I created this DIY […]

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Fresh Veggies Day 2016

It is Fresh Veggies Day. Because why not celebrate eating fresh vegetables? They may not be the most tasty of foods, but they are certainly healthy! Lately I have been favoring parsnips, sweet potatoes, and avocados. What are your favorites? We are celebrating our Throwback Thursday in dual with the holiday. Today we have a […]

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National Electricity Day 2016

Did you know it is National Electricity Day? (So many odd holidays to celebrate!) We thought it would be great to celebrate with a sale on Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device since it involves a murder by electricity via a cool Tesla coil. Have you played this game? It’s one of my Dad’s favorites and […]

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Tuesday Candy

Hey all! I’m back I ended up being out of the office yesterday as well. I will be writing the blog this week, but I predict Indy will be back a few times this summer to write a few posts. 😉 Today’s Trivia Tuesday question is from The Deadly Device: Ryan is into sugary things, […]

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Indy’s Last Post and Weekend Puzzle 310

Hi guys, Little Jackalope is coming back to work next week. Since this will probably be the last time I post on the AS Blog I figured I would share with you guys the meaning of some of the last words of the parrot in Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. I am sure  most […]

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