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Meet Dahlia! (Plus Weekend Puzzle #239)

Dahlia has posted her first intern video on YouTube! Welcome to Her Interactive, Dahlia! I am excited to get to see more of your videos each Friday! Be sure to leave a comment for her on YouTube, especially if there are some videos you’d like to see. NEWS ALERT! The White Wolf of Icicle Creek […]

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Old Game Art Papers

I went snooping through the office and found a few awesome things! Below in the image are old press sheets of the older games. These were mostly used for sharing with the media, but now serve as excellent little posters for our office. Of course, we do sell better quality posters (which are larger) in […]

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Summer 2014 Intern!

Check it out! Yep! We have a new intern here in our office for the summer! Dahlia will be bringing us new videos each Friday, so I will be highlighting her a lot on the blog, since she is working on some fun things coming up. I recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel so that […]

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The Real Deception Island

Over the weekend I went on a real-life Nancy Drew adventure to explore the area that inspired our ninth game, Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island. The San Jaun islands along with Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound of Washington state have beautiful parks and awesome wildlife. (And yes, when I went there the skies […]

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Memorial Weekend Sale 2014!

Happy Friday everyone! This weekend is a fantastic weekend to enjoy a Nancy Drew mystery, and if you are missing a title, now is a good time to work on adding it to the collection on your shelf. Check it out and shop here. I plan on taking a Nancy Drew adventure this weekend, and […]

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Summer Moments = Spaceship Pizza

With the weather warming up in preparation for summer, now is the time to go exploring, step outside for some activities and adventures, try new things and visit someplace new! I went exploring and discovered a place that reminded me of Sonny Joon… perhaps you can see why: It was a pizza place that was […]

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Spring Adventures

Here in Washington the weather has warmed up a bit and there are lots of things to see outside. The flowers and the wildlife are the biggest highlights. A few of us today took a walk to enjoy the sunny weather and a I came across a few things I really wanted to share: Bunnies, […]

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Windows 8 – Game Installation

This post gives instructions on how to install an older game disc onto Windows 8. To install an older game on Windows Vista or Windows 7 click here. If the disc has trouble reading and installing, click here. Please use the following instructions when trying to install on Windows 8. Make sure you’re logged in […]

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Let the Games Continue…

Today marks an important day for us! Our 30th (so exciting!) game, The Shattered Medallion, is now available in retail stores! Can you even fathom? We have made 30 games! That’s a lot of mysteries for Nancy to solve! Can you even think about what game #50 will be like? I sure hope we get […]

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Returning to Our Past

I’m hearing a lot of mixed reactions about the 31st Nancy Drew game. This teaser is found at the end of The Shattered Medallion, and is still a spoiler until tomorrow when we launch it on our YouTube Channel. So stay tuned! Or if you want to leave this next game a surprise, stay away […]

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