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Past Holidays & Future Wishes

Christmas with my families was fun and relaxing this year. We watched football games, rode in a horse-drawn carriage, put puzzles together, played old video games together, and ate a ton of food. I’m sure I made at least two batches of homemade eggnog — but consumed all of it and didn’t share with anyone. […]

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Early Halloween Starts (And a wallpaper!)

Woot! We have a one-week sale on these select T-shirts on Amazon! Get these in time for Halloween! You can shop here for the shirts. Also, we have two contests going on now! And yes, the contest is open to all, even non-U.S. residents. 😉 Click on each image to learn more information about each […]

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Sleuthing Team Shirts (And a TBT Sale!)

Throwback to the old games! Honestly, I wish there was more need to explore and snoop the roller coaster in The Haunted Carousel — it was just so cool! If you don’t have this game, you can get the digital download for $5 using promo code CAR50 at checkout today only. On a newer note, […]

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Amateur Sleuths, Trivia, and Nancy Illustration

Remember in the first day Stay Tuned for Danger Twitch party how I was wearing a Master Sleuth magnifying glass T-shirt? Well, I realized these weren’t available for purchase, so we uploaded these to Amazon for you. 🙂 You can find all of our Nancy Drew T-shirts here fore sale! Oh! And do you have […]

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Trivia, Twitch, and T-shirts

Today’s trivia Tuesday from Alibi in Ashes is any easy one… do you remember the answer to this question? Also, head’s up! We have a surprise Twitch party starting tomorrow! You can follow us here to get the alerts and to join the live chat tomorrow. And for a souvenir from The Haunted Carousel, this […]

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February News!

We have so many things going on this February that I had to put the announcements all together in this video: To learn more about each of these, you can click through the links below that I’ve gathered for you. KoKo Kringle Valentine’s Day Card Contest Our Twitch Profile – Sign up and follow us! […]

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Oscar Nominations: Nancy Drew Style

If you follow the news here in America, one of the big stories today is the announced Oscar nominations. These are for movies, of course, but it got me thinking “What if the Nancy Drew games had their own awards?” So I’ve made this list (with the Oscar equivalent in parenthesis) to fill out. Supporting […]

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Trivia, Fan Videos, and Tshirts!

Do you remember the answer to this Trivia question? Also, we have a few more entries to the Thanksgiving video contest! Check out this one for some inspiration: We have some new T-shirts available on Amazon! (Shop Here!) There are a lot to choose from. Here are some samples (they come in different colors, too): […]

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Nerd Shirts and Weekend Puzzle #289

I’m kinda a nerd, and kinda excited for this… You can shop on Amazon here for all the Nancy Drew t-shirts we are offering. 😉   Here’s your weekend puzzle! Key: Ghost cgiilwttk qgit oljdkb We have a couple of birthdays to celebrate this weekend! -Little Jackalope

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Fan Art, Stationery, and Tshirts

Hey all! In the video I made last week, I was using Nancy Drew’s letter stationery. If you want to print out your own letter paper and trim the edges yourself, you may! Click here for the full color version, or click here for the light version that takes up less ink and doesn’t color […]

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