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A Good Day for Chowder

It’s Clam Chowder day? Have you ever tried clam chowder in real life? In honor of the simple things like chowder, we have a sale on Danger on Deception Island, today only. Shop here and be sure to use the promo code CHOWDER19 at checkout. 😉 -Little Jackalope

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Ned (I mean Nick), Corine and Alicia

Check out the latest podcast episode featuring the voice of Corine! Be sure to listen to hear what other Nancy Drew character actor she’s married to in real life!) Also, did you hear the news? Ned has been cast in the upcoming Nancy Drew tv series. Click here to read more. I’m not a big […]

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Corrie’s Nancy Drew Story

A great article was posted the other day about Nancy Drew. Read the full story about Corrie’s discovery of the books here on MarjorieMagazine called “Heirloom Histories: Sharing A Good Mystery.” How did you discover the Nancy Drew books? Did you play the games first, or second to finding the games? -Little Jackalope

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Cherry Pies 2019

Who thinks to celebrate Cherry Pies in February? We do! Technically it’s national Cherry Pie day, so we are celebrating with a sale on the game that has chocolate pie, blueberry pie, and of course, cherry pie: Secret of the Old Clock! Get the digital download in English or French here! (On sale today only.) […]

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Sundaes and LIE Finale

If you finished the weekend puzzle, here’s a sampling of how it could have looked: This was one of the ice cream floats from Alibi in Ashes. 😉   In case you missed the finale day of us playing Labyrinth of Lies, here’s the video! -Little Jackalope

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Nancy Drew TV Series Casts Nancy (Weekend Puzzle 366)

Happy Friday! Do you remember hearing about the revised Nancy Drew TV series for the CW? They have cast the lead role of Nancy Drew! Click here for the full article. Here’s all we know about the show: Kennedy McMann will play “Nancy Drew” She will be 18 The story takes place the summer after […]

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LIE Party and Valentine Sale!

Hey all! Tonight we begin our Twitch party playing Labyrinth of Lies! Tess will be hosting the show, but I will quite possibly be joining via video – with Baby Jackalope! We shall see! If it doesn’t work, I will definitely be in chat (my personal Twitch username is StoryRetold). Be sure to have an […]

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Jeff Pierce and Flowers

Here’s how the weekend puzzle looks when I crossed out the squares with pencil: And here’s how it looks when colored all the way in: This is the Shadow Ranch tulip design from the cake. Also, check out the latest podcast episode! Can you imagine seeing Wade from GTH with a Scottish accent? Well, he […]

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Weekend Puzzle #365

Happy Friday all! I have a new type of weekend puzzle for you, as it isn’t so much as a cryptic…anything… but rather a color-by-number printout for you to discover what the image is. This one is easy since it is the first design. Get out your colored pencils and fill in the corresponding letter […]

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Nancy Drew Movie – The Hidden Staircase Trailer

I’m sure many of you have heard the news, but the movie trailer for the new Warner Brothers’ Nancy Drew movie was released! Watch it here: What are your first thoughts? How do you like the diversity of the characters’ portrayals? Are you excited to see this movie? I’ll be watching it for sure, despite […]

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