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Pop Culture References in Games

Hey there Nancy Drew Clue Crew, How many times have you replayed your favorite Nancy Drew game? 10? 20 times? I know I have played the series through two or three times completely, but when it comes to individual games, I start losing count. I must have played Secret of the Old Clock or Danger […]

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Happy National Video Games Day Weekend!

Happy Sunday and Happy National Video Games Day Weekend everyone! Today is your last day to take advantage of our National Video Games Day Weekend sale where you can get 40% off all Nancy Drew Games with code GAMEDAY. In honor of this weekend, I would like to highlight some of my personal favorite Nancy […]

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Your Nancy Drew Legacy Story

Hey there Nancy Drew Clue Crew, This week after a few long zoom meetings some of us in the office started talking about our Nancy Drew legacy story. This is what we started calling our earliest memories of Nancy Drew, or how we were introduced to the brand.  Back when I was an intern I […]

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