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Nike, Winged Victory

One of our artists, Jami, brought in a miniature desk statue of Nike. Artist Josh used this desk statue to model a 3D version into Labyrinth of Lies. Check it out! On the left is the game version, which is located in the museum. Another, complete version of Nike is found in another secret location […]

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“Persephone in Winter”

Have you seen this play poster we shared on Facebook? It’s one of the images I’m working on to get into the merchandise store right now. This is the official “Persephone in Winter” poster that is shown in a few places in Labyrinth of Lies. Artist Jayme got to work on this. 🙂 Have you […]

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Ethel Bosinny (And Weekend Puzzle #254)

Is this Nancy Drew meme true for you? I remember playing Curse of Blackmoor Manor when I was younger and it first came out. The nightmares and talk of monsters and dark tunnels creeped me out. Later, when I got older and played the game again, I found that Ethel was the most scary! She […]

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Nancy Drew Memes

There are several great fan memes of Nancy Drew out on the internet. We decided to create a few ourselves with some very familiar characters. Behold: And after we laughed a little too much, we then went all nostalgic and shared this Throwback Thursday moment from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: -Little Jackalope

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The Hardy Boys Merch

We shared a few images today on our Facebook page. I’ll share them again here: THIS EXISTS! A Hardy boys pillowcase is in our merchandise store! Woot. We received this one today at our office to start putting together the Greek Prize Pack for our pre-order promotion. (You can learn how to win it here!) […]

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Boxing the Games

Labyrinth of Lies is getting closer and closer to its release date! Here’s the proof: This is only a copy of the standard edition. Our office received the first copies today! Sadly, we are waiting on the Bonus Edition. The copies are still in process. 🙁 Did you pre-order the physical or digital edition? I’m […]

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Award Winners (And Weekend Puzzle #253)

Last night, we were awarded the Tech Impact Award for Entertainment by Seattle Business Magazine! You can read the full story here. We are excited that our little company has received this, and we celebrated today with doughnuts. Yum. On a side note, we have a one-day sale happening now! If you don’t have Ransom […]

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Check this out! Some fans have cosplayed (costume played) as Mel Corbalis from Warnings at Waverly Academy and Henry Bolet Jr. from Legend of the Crystal Skull! How awesome is this?! It may be a bit early to think about it, but Halloween is next month. Will you be dressing up in any Nancy Drew […]

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That Horse Shirt

In The Silent Spy, Kate (Nancy’s mom) mentions in a letter the hideous horse shirt that Nancy favored so much as a kid. For those of you who played SPY, do you recall where you had first seen this horse shirt? It was in Nancy’s suitcase on the boat in Danger on Deception Island. We […]

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Xenia vs. Niobe

Head over to Facebook! We have a great caption contest happening this week, featuring Thanos and Sonny Joon… and the prize is AWEsome. Post your most creative caption to that post! On another note, I’ve noticed some people mention the similarities between the female characters in Labyrinth of Lies. I, too, thought this when I […]

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