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Terrible Tea Puzzle

Throwback Thursday sale! You can get Danger by Design for 50% off until the end of today using promo code DAN50 at checkout! Do you remember trying to figure out what tea ingredients combination you had to figure out for Minette, based on her mood? I’m glad I’m not that picky! All I do is […]

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Springtime at the Office

It is a beautiful, warm spring day here at Her Interactive! Today I had to sit outside at this table to just enjoy the sun. Along the path I came across a bunny. Also, the Canadian Geese have been hanging around. They are viscous birds, and so noisy! There is also a collection of daffodils […]

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The Madness Final Four!

The voting results today were crazy in the March Madness! I was watching as the poll posted yesterday between Waverly Academy and Wickford Castle was nearly a tie. (!!) Thankfully, Twitter counted the exact number of votes and highlighted the winner. All I can say is “wow!” So intense! And SUCH a close call! Starting […]

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Happy Easter 2016! (Weekend Puzzle #302)

There’s a lot to cover in the weekend news, so I’m presenting it all in this video for you: Get The Silent Spy here. Get Resorting to Danger! here. Get Lights! Camera! Curses! here. Vote in March Madness here on Twitter. Check out the March Madness brackets here on our page. Aaaaand here’s your weekend […]

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The Hideous Note in CUR

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a lesser-known moment from Curse of Blackmoor Manor. (If you don’t have this game, you can get the digital download today for 50% off using promo code CUR50 at checkout!) This game moment may or may not show up for you when you play it, since it is not critical. This […]

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Filming with Sarah and Vanessa

The Nancy Drew actress for the upcoming TV show by CBS, Sarah Shahi, has shared a few pictures on the set with co-star Vanessa Ferlito (George Fayne). If you are on Instagram, you can follow her here.   Also, this great photo was shared by a fan on Facebook. Her sister here re-created the battery-charge […]

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Testing Codes & Clues

Today is another day in the office where we have a fresh game build to test out. Codes & Clues still has a ways to go and we are catching all the errors and bugs and anything else that needs fixing. As for the weekend puzzle answer, I failed to include that in yesterday’s post. […]

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Monday Meme and Behind the Scenes

We shared this fabulous meme yesterday from The Haunting of Castle Malloy: Have you been voting on Twitter for the best Nancy Drew game location each day? The brackets are getting intense! The games are starting to narrow down! Which location do you predict will be voted all-time best? Also, in case you’d like to […]

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Weekend Sales and Puzzle #301

We have a few reminders of these awesome sales going on now: Also, mark your calendars and follow us on Twitch! We’ll be playing Treasure in the Royal Tower. Here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! -Little Jackalope

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2016!

This is an interesting holiday. It is quite American actually… but if you want to learn about the origin of it, I recommend watching a documentary or do a little research. Today I am wearing my green “lucky shamrock shirt.” But here’s how we at Her Interactive shall celebrate: a sale on the Nancy Drew […]

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