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GTH Poem

This poem is kind of significant in Ghost of Thornton Hall: Tip for you when reciting this: stay alert and listen well. Also, there is a Twitter quote contest going on from now until tonight. Head on over to participate!~Little Jackalope~

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Following Clues

When solving a mystery, it is very important for the detective to keep an open mind, and to consider all logical (and crazy) possibilities. Any bit of information could be important; dates, times, speed, footprints, trash, notes, messages, a smudge on the mirror, a Koko Kringle bar wrapper in the drawer…. just about anything could […]

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A Great GTH Day

…Now that sounds like a funny title for a blog post! But really, it was a rather enjoyable day today, at least from my part. I finished playing through the game my full second time, the first pass on Master Sleuth (and I must say, I had to get help on one crazy puzzle), and […]

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Weekend Puzzle #186

Yay for Fridays! (There is a theme here) Today I’ll be playing through the game on Master Sleuth level (my favorite), collecting more information, writing about the puzzles, and listening to more music from Ghost of Thornton Hall (so great!). Oh! And I will be reading through some of the fun captions that were posted […]

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Collecting info on GTH

So I’m trying to write this post really fast so that I can get back to playing through Ghost of Thornton Hall…again… This time, I’m not preparing for ratings materials, rather I am collecting information. Here’s the list I’m starting…as you can see, I haven’t written anything yet. 😛 Today our CEO brought in doughnuts […]

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What Marketing is Up To….

I don’t delve into much of what the Marketing Team is up to nearly as much as I inform you on what the Design and Art teams are doing. Well, now it’s time to give you some tips to what they are secretly working on… At the moment, Marketing is conducting the voting for the […]

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Music from the Past

In case you missed us: we took yesterday off to celebrate President’s Day. 🙂 Deep within the old Secrets Can Kill game a music track was hidden, embedded but cannot be found in the game… Long ago before the game was published, at the last minute our President pulled it out, because it didn’t quite […]

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Weekend Puzzle #185

It’s puzzle day! Also, don’t forget about our Valentine’s Day weekend sale that is going on until the end of Feb. 18th. Use promo code LOVE13 at checkout when purchasing any digital game (and remember: you will be getting a free digital guide as well!). Here’s the puzzle, this one mentions a tip from Ghost […]

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Valentine’s Day Weekend Sale!

Get 25% off any game (digital only) between February 14th and 18th using promo code LOVE13 at checkout! Remember, with each game you order, you will receive a free digital guide! Give the gift of adventure this Valentine's weekend and purchase a Nancy Drew game for your special someone. We now offer gifting on our […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day, 2013!

We’ve had a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day so far at Her Interactive! First, our Marketing Director brought in fancy doughnuts: Then Megan, our President, brought in Cupcakes: And then later, the ice cream truck arrived! As promised, today I’ll post the last weekend puzzle reward: And that’s not the best part! Today, and this weekend, […]

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