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The End of 2015!

Hey all! We have returned to the office for a day this week for a visit before we go back onto New Year’s vacation break. We will return on Monday, January 4th of next year. Here’s what’s happening: We posted this Christmas poem video from Also, don’t forget about the Cookie Contest! It ends […]

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iOS9 – Ghost of Thornton Hall

Unfortunately, with the latest update to iOS9 we have had reports of sound issues and fast conversation with the Ghost of Thornton Hall app. We have reported this to the developers and they are working to fix the issue. We do not yet know when this will be fixed; we have been advised that they are […]

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A Gift for a Detective

What do you suppose the best kind of gift would be for a fellow detective? What do you suppose Nancy would want for Christmas? Check out this quick video and Christmas greeting! We will be out of the office the rest of this week. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! -Little Jackalope

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Bruma 2015

The longest night of the year is tonight! (That is, if you live in the northern hemisphere. If you live in the southern hemisphere, it is the shortest night.) It is Winter Solstice, and in Latin, is called “Bruma.” We learn this in Curse of Blackmoor Manor, so in honor of this, we have the […]

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Video Work: Christmasy Things (And Weekend Puzzle #294)

Today I’m working on a Christmas card kind of video. It won’t be ready for a few more days. But, I thought it might be somewhat interesting to show you what my computer screen looked like today: Don’t forget to work on your cookie contest entries this next week! Also, here’s your weekend puzzle. Haha, […]

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This post gives instructions on how to install an older game disc onto Windows 10. Please use the following instructions when trying to install on Windows 10 Make sure you’re logged on as an Administrator for your computer, temporarily disable your anti-virus protection (make sure to re-enable your anti-virus protection after the game download is complete), […]

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Cookie Inspiration and Fishing

Anyone have a great idea for the cookie contest this year? Even though I can’t enter (because I work here) I am trying to think up an original KoKo Kringle-style cookie recipe. So far crisped rice just doesn’t sound too great in a cookie… haha. If any of you want some inspiration, you can look […]

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A Cookie Tradition

Hey all! We have begun our annual Christmas & Holiday cookie contest! This time it lasts until January. My own family’s favorite tradition is to make a few dozen assorted cookies. Yum. You can learn more about the contest here. -Little Jackalope

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Christmas Video, An Art

I have taken an interest in the art of stop-motion. While I’m still a beginner in the style, more practice is the key to perfecting the cleanliness and beauty of the art. Anyways, I tried it again and made a quick video of our Christmas sale here: And here’s the up-close shot of the Christmas […]

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Spying or “Detectiving”

Welcome back, sleuths! Christmas is next week!! Have you ordered any games for your friends? I remember years ago when I gave Nancy Drew games as gifts. I do believe Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was the one I gave the most because I thought it was soooo cool. (Well… I still think it’s sooo […]

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