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Nancy Drew Experience: Eating Food

I often see excitement from fans over the ability to eat or make food in the Nancy Drew games. I can’t judge them — I love it, too! I remember the first time Nancy got to eat food, it was in The Haunted Carousel and she got to order three different things. It was SUCH […]

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Ellie’s Last Vlog

Hey all! I was out sick yesterday. Today our intern, Ellie, posted her last vlog: We are certainly going to miss her here at the office! 🙁 But don’t worry, more fun videos will come on our channel in the future. No weekend puzzle this time, stay tuned for next week’s! We do have a […]

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National Dog Day

When you spend time on social media sites or simply explore the internet, you may be often surprised at the seemingly-random days that are celebrating various things. Like today! Happy National Dog Day! 🙂 We must have a sale on the first dog-themed game: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake! The sale only lasts until the […]

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Re-Exploring Nancy’s World

I’m a Nancy nerd. I like to replay the games over and over again. Every time I study the environments, looking at the irrelevant objects and wonder what the rest of the world looks like. You know how, you as Nancy Drew, can only see so much in your view? What about those spaces that […]

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First Fears and a Brave Nancy

I’ve been revisiting Curse of Blackmoor Manor a few times these past few days. (I really need to play it again!) And I was looking for those spontaneous moments and how they appear after doing certain tasks. When I first played the game, this moment below creeped me out — I froze. I was also […]

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Bloopers, Sales and Weekend Puzzle #284

The final video for “The Witch’s Treasure” is now live! Check out the blooper reel from our time of filming this series: And Ellie and I played a new Nancy Drew Board game! Check out the video here: We have a sale happening this weekend for the Dossier games! Shop for the games here. And […]

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August Letter to the Fans

Hey all! We have an announcement for you! Check out the August Letter to the Fans here. What do you think? Although I am anxious like everyone else to play the next Nancy Drew game, I am extra excited for it to be on a much better engine so that it looks better, has more […]

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Animated Gifs

I tried making something new: animated gifs! I like gathering the existing animations and turning them into moving pictures to share. But then, I really like all sorts of pictures! Let’s see if this will work on the blog… Do you remember this Nancy Drew moment from Shadow at the Water’s Edge? -Little Jackalope

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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Did you know that today is Black Cat Appreciation Day? We are celebrating (of course) by having a sale on Warnings at Waverly Academy. Why? Because the theme of the game is that the “black cat” in the school is causing accidents, and sending threats to the students for unknown reasons. Have you played this […]

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Video Finale, Cookies & Weekend Puzzle #283

Hooray! The series finale that our intern, Ellie and I have been working on, is now live! Watch the last episode to this mini-series: Also, Ellie created another baking video, this time showing you how to make the mint chocolate chip cookies from Danger by Design. Enjoy! Also, we have added our T-shirt Contest winner, […]

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