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Limited Time Offer! Order your physical copy of Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys now!

⚠️ KEY Physical Edition Pre-Orders Ended Tuesday, June 11, 2024. Hello, Nancy Drew fans! Brighella from HeR Interactive here. Today, we announce something very exciting! We’ve begun taking orders for Windows physical copies of Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys, but this limited time offer ends on June 11th! So don’t hesitate to order […]

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How to Buy Nancy Drew #34 – Mystery of the Seven Keys!

Dobrý den! We’re ticking away the minutes until we release Nancy’s 34th case, Mystery of the Seven Keys! Nancy invites YOU to Prague, this Tuesday, to join her for the latest mystery featuring history, legends, alchemy, thrills, and more! Here’s how you can buy the game when the time comes. Tuesday morning any time after […]

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Collector’s Month!

Hi ND Fans! We’re celebrating our Collector’s month with tons of happenings! Not only is Nancy Drew 92 years old this month (April 28th!), but we’ve got so many things happening with collectibles. Collector’s Sale First, we have re-released the All-Games Collector’s Bundle sale! It’s our 32-game PC bundle, normally a $450 value, including all […]

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Finding Pirates

As someone who keeps up with Nancy Drew news daily for my job, I’m sometimes alerted to Nancy Drew things that aren’t really good… Once upon a time, we made our strategy guides in black and white (but the cover was colored) and in actual printed books. These books were available for sale only on […]

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TRT Guide, Travel and Ntl Pet Day

Huzzah! I finished the official strategy guide for Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower! It’s free for download when you purchase the game, or you can buy the guide separately here. It’s also National Pet Day! Shout out to all kinds of pet owners! And of course, it’s Travel Tuesday. Who wishes they could […]

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Tough Old Puzzles

We shared this Nancy Drew moment today: Do you remember the first time you played Secret of the Scarlet Hand? I remember struggling with the HAM radio steps. I always messed up the Morse code and got frustrated since I didn’t know Spanish very well. XD Of course, if you purchase the game from our […]

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Working on the Guide

Another “Sonny Speaks” moment for your amusement… I finished playing through The Shattered Medallion (again) today, to finish the first draft of the strategy guide walk through portion — which is now finished. (That’s the biggest part of creating the guide.) The next step is to write up the step-by-step puzzle descriptions and solutions and […]

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A Week For SPY (And Puzzle #214)

Sonny Joon kidnapped me and took me on one of his adventures that involved an internship at a space station. Just kidding. Have I really left you in suspense without so much as a clue? Perhaps, but I did hint at what we were up to a week or two ago. We have been powering […]

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Getting Ready for Ghosts!

I wish I could say that I’m caught up on the Scary Games Marathon, but I’m not. Tonight we finish up playing Shadow at the Water’s Edge (of which I got terribly distracted with trying to solve all of the puzzles from Rentaro…as well as playing Pachinko at the parlor over and over and over […]

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Free Digital Guides!

Because we appreciate our fans, starting today we are giving every one a free digital strategy guide for the digital game they purchase! WHOO-HOO!!! So if you purchase, say for example, Shadow at the Water’s Edge digital download, you will automatically receive the digital strategy guide to go with…which can come in handy when trying […]

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