Fan Spotlight

Our fans are the best! To show how much we love our fans, we will be featuring a “Fan Spotlight” on occasion.

If you would like to be in the “Fan Spotlight” please email us at with a note about why you love Nancy Drew.  If you can, also include a picture, image or a link to a video that you created.

Josh and Jennavieve M.

Dear HeR Interactive,


Me and my wife Jennavieve have loved playing through all of your games since we met in 2015. She has been a huge Nancy Drew fan all her life, and loves everything your team has created. Being able to play the games together, and with our pets Ollie and Bennie has been so special to us over the years. Thank you to everyone over at HeR Interactive for everything you do!

Josh and Jennavieve M.

Sydney M.

Dear HeR Interactive,

Hello, My name is Sydney M. I have been putting off writing this email for so long as I could never imagine all of the things I would say, and I didn’t know if I would ever receive a response. I would like to start out in saying that my mom and I have been playing Nancy Drew games since I was a little girl and have continued to love them ever since. They may just be games, but they have meant more to me than you will ever know.

I can’t even pick a favorite but trust me when I say that I make Nancy Drew references on the daily. Any sort of room, puzzle, or even some people I have somehow referenced to your games. Since your last game release was a while ago (this isn’t another complaint about the game coming out late, I understand it takes time), I have replayed the games probably too many times. They never get old and bring so many feelings of nostalgia and joy that I simply cannot help it.

As much as I could go on about how obsessed I am with Nancy Drew, there is a point to this email. The most important aspect of this message is that your games have helped me to discover that I want to study Game Development in Emergent Digital Practices in college.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

I’m a sophomore at the University of Denver in Colorado and have just recently switched into the EDP program. I cannot begin to say how excited I am to start this journey, but I also wanted to thank everyone at Her Interactive for helping me realize that this is the career path I want to take and hopefully will be something that I love as much as all the Nancy Drew games combined. Thank you so much for making these games something that I love enough to want to pursue Game Development in the future, and for making some amazing content.

One day I hope to be able to help create and design the art for these games, as well as possibly write out content for story lines. I have million of ideas and find so much interest in creating the design for games and coming up with plots that I know this will be the career for me. Maybe one day I can help make the next Nancy Drew!

As I’m still figuring out this major, as well as this whole “college” thing, I’ve realized that when it comes to careers, I have my heart set on working to bring back the original adventure games. It’s become more difficult to find games as adventurous and enjoyable as yours throughout the years , as most games now involve “hidden object” or violence of sorts. I think the best games involve mystery, puzzles and a great story line. That’s why I have come to appreciate the world of Nancy Drew and all her adventures around the world. I play the games whenever I have free time (currently playing, “The Phantom of Venice” over again) as they remind of simpler times, playing them with my mom in our little house before it was off to college for me.

I’ll say it again but I just really appreciate you and all the work you do at Her Interactive. These may be just video games but are special to me in so many ways. I can’t imagine where my career path would go if it wasn’t for Her Interactive. I mean, I started out as a Psychology major believing my purpose was to have a better understanding of people and one day be a criminal profiler for the FBI from an obsession I had with, “Criminal Minds” in high school. Who on earth thinks that at 17 years old? After cruising by my freshman year of college, playing Nancy Drew whenever there was free time, I realized my true interest lied in the process of making these games. The art and design behind the graphics and of course the amazing puzzles that make these games so incredible is what I finally realized my passion was in. Ever since switching majors I now finally feel like there is more purpose to me and what I’m doing in a college way too expensive for me (that’s me trying to be sarcastic, however if college were free I would have a happier bank account).

My major may change again (this time, I highly doubt it) but hey, isn’t that what college is all about? I’m only 19 and one thing I do know for certain is that I really am the biggest nerd for all things Nancy Drew. My mom is constantly reminding me by being the only one who understands my references as well as sending me Nancy Drew books every so often while I’m away at school. Thank you for making these incredible games and I’ll probably continue sending you emails to ramble on about how much I love Nancy Drew. Hopefully they won’t be the worst thing you receive, otherwise it would just be kind of weird to continue emailing you.

Anyways, if you ever need to hire another game designer at Her Interactive, just know you’ll always have someone first in line!

Thank You … no really.

Sydney M.

Jessica P.

Dear HeR Interactive,

Hi there!

I know there’s no active contests going on right now, but I just wanted to show off the art project that my sister and I took on over the weekend. We have been Nancy Drew fans since the original Secrets Can Kill and when a small rock garden started in our local park, we knew we wanted to paint some Nancy inspired rocks to contribute. They turned out pretty great! Hope you enjoy and are staying safe and healthy!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Jessica P.

Nikkita B.

Dear HeR Interactive,


I wanted to share this project I’ve been working on for some months now. I always lose my game notes or have them strewn across multiple notebooks, so I decided to compile one big Nancy Drew Game Notebook. It’s still not done, but here are my favorite pages:

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Nikkita B.

Rayne I.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I’m writing to express my gratitude for your incredible work over the past 25 years. I’ve been playing your Nancy Drew games since I was 7 years old and they’ve made an enormous impact on me. Nancy taught me to be tenacious, resourceful, and to find joy in learning new things. Those qualities have served me well throughout my life, especially now as a second-year law student.

There’s something unique that I love about every single game, but Secret of the Scarlet Hand has a special place in my heart. The different legal, social, and ethical aspects of museum work that the game explored really stuck with me. I’m studying art law now, and it’s been such a pleasure to rediscover the concepts and questions that SSH exposed me to early on!

I’m so excited for more Nancy in the future and deeply grateful to have had such a wonderful role model in your heroine growing up. Thank you for your continued hard work and for finding creative ways to engage students in fun educational experiences during these uncertain times. You do so much good for the world.


Rayne I.

P.S. During the stay-in-place order (and while I study for finals) I’ve found lots of ways to have some sleuthy fun indoors! 🙂

Cheyenne A.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I wanted to reach out and express my gratitude for years of sleuthing fun y’all have provided. My mom and I have been playing your Nancy Drew games since I was a little girl. I remember to this day receiving my first — Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill (original) from my dad for my birthday. I think he bought me the game because he had seen me reading some Nancy Drew books once or twice. I was young, maybe 10 years old, my sister and mom had to help me cause I was having a tough time and from that point on my mom and I were hooked. I’m now 24 years old and we still play them as they get released.

Nancy Drew M ystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

I love the memories, but I also love the fantastic progression of games y’all have created. Each one gets more interesting than the last. We love the ones that involve Nancy’s life and hometown, but also those that bring the Hardy Boys into play. We have sincerely tried our best to get them all as they’ve come out, but I am finding it’s increasingly getting harder. I did find out that the Nancy Drew games are now offered on Steam, which made me ecstatic — I was able to buy a few more for my mom’s birthday, but was concerned when I no longer was able to find them on the shelf at Walmart. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be many more to come.

Thank you for years of great games and loads of laughter!


Cheyenne A.

Elizabeth W.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I wanted to thank you so much for making these games. I started playing them about 5 years ago and am only just now getting to finish all of them – I have just 6 left and then I can’t wait for Midnight in Salem.

As a woman who works in federal law enforcement (I’m an analyst, just like Nancy!), thank you so much for making quality games geared towards girls and women. It’s so important to inspire an oft-forgotten segment of the population, as well as show that video games can be informative and help with problem solving skills.

Thank you for all that you do, and I am looking forward to the next game.


Elle P.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I first fell in love with your computer games 8 years ago (I’m 16 now) when my grandmother sat down with me to play The White Wolf of Icicle Creek.  Since then, I have completed all of the games and repeated practically all of them at least once.  My mom eventually got into them and has played Sea of Darkness more times than I can count!  I tried getting my dad involved in them, but they’re not really his cup of tea. 😊 I am constantly telling people that I learn WAY more from Nancy Drew than I do in school, which is very true.  I have been given numerous history lessons, and I have even picked up some words in other languages which I enjoy using on my classmates just to see the looks on their faces.  Many of the games have greatly influenced my interest in subjects, The Deadly Device in particular which is my favorite game.  I even attempted to create my own miniature Tesla coil like the one in the game.  I put great emphasis on the word attempted.  I recently went to Italy with my family, going to Rome, Sorrento, and Isle of Capri.  We took tours of the Vatican, Pompeii, and the Colosseum.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

It was a great experience I will never forget and I could not help but think about Nancy’s experiences in Venice.  I am greatly looking forward to Midnight in Salem and I am crossing my fingers that you continue to come out with more!😄😄


Elle P.

Celine B.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I got my first game (captive curse) for my birthday nearly 8 years ago and I have been obsessed since. The trip made feel as if I was Nancy Drew. When you click on the boarding pass on her desk, it makes the player feel a similar excitement to actually going off on an adventure, but for this i felt as though I was Nancy and someone clicked on my boarding pass! The entire trip I felt as though I was living my own game and navigating around the country was full of mini puzzles. I am kind of an eccentric girl, so I had my heart set on dressing up as a character everyday of the trip. Looking back, my costumes added so much more to the realness of it all.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

My favorite part was being able to bring my best friend. We had such a blast and she was an essential part to the trip. She was like a combination of Bess, George, Frank and Joe all in one! San Francisco and New York City were also major highlights of the trip. They proved to be fantastic book ends to an outstanding train ride through the American scenery. I am so grateful to HER INTERACTIVE for this life changing trip. There are no words to describe what an experience it was. To my dismay, there was no mystery for me to solve, but in the end I think that was definitely for the best. I will always remember the trip I got to see the country as the various Nancy Drew characters.


Danielle S.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I wanted to write you guys at Her Interactive and just tell you how much of a fan I am of the Nancy Drew games. I received my first game, The Haunted Carousel, as a Christmas present when I was in 3rd grade and ever since then I’ve been hooked. Now I’m 23 and still play all of the games, enjoying the different puzzle complexities and story lines. I’m anxiously awaiting the newest game to come out in Spring 2019 and my husband knows as soon as it’s released he better find something else to do that weekend because I’ll be ordering it ASAP!

Please keep up the great work and know that there are people like me out here who have been playing the games for years and I always have a fun time. I have notebooks full of notes from the game, scribbles that mean nothing to anyone else but to me brings back great memories. I have all of the old cd copies and while scratched from long-term use, every once in a while I pop one in and start a game over. Each time it’s a new adventure.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Soon I will be starting my own family and will expose my kids to these games from an early start. It’s not only fun and challenging but educational and gets your brain thinking outside of the box. I’ve recently landed a great job and I feel that the Nancy Drew games were partially responsible because exercising my brain over the years by solving puzzles has allowed me to think creatively and constructively about all possible solutions to a problem.

So Thank YOU to everyone who works hard – I’ll always be one of your biggest fans. 🙂 Take care,

Danielle S.

Victoria & Casey

Dear HeR Interactive,

My name is Victoria and my best friend’s name is Casey and we are from Ontario, Canada. Casey and I have been friends since before we were born, when her parents bought the house right next door to mine. Growing up we would spend almost all of our time together, being next door to each other, and after 24 years of friendship, we consider each other sisters. When we were about 10, Casey’s dad gave us our first Nancy Drew  game to play together, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. We were fascinated and fell in love with mysteries through this Nancy Drew game, which we didn’t even finish! At the time we had no idea about the message boards and how to figure out what to do when we became stuck at a puzzle so we kept trying but eventually gave up. Then about 2 years later, we discovered that there were other games we could try! Taking turns, we would pass off the mouse to each other while playing, taking a note from Nancy and being fair by sharing the mouse! I bought a huge sketchbook to take notes in, as one of us would be the note taker, and one would be the player every time we switched. We still use this notebook when we play today, and make additions and corrections from our 14-year-old selves who originally wrote in it. I cherish this note book because it contains drawings, notes and messages that make us cringe today, but brings back the most special memories of our friendship. It feels like a small time capsule. We discovered our favourite games: The Secret of Shadow Ranch (Casey) and Curse of Blackmoor Manor (Victoria) and we also were able to beat our first game!! We will always remember the day we beat The Haunted Carousel because it was the last day of summer break, right before we went into high school. I remember thinking ‘this is the last day of my childhood, I’m starting high school now and can’t play Nancy Drew games anymore’ …. Cut to 11 years later, I’m about to graduate from my Master’s program and Casey is about to graduate and become a paramedic, and we STILL are obsessed with these games and have just come to understand that these games will always be a constant in our lives. We have beat every single Nancy Drew game, and we are so excited for Midnight in Salem!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Nancy Drew games will always be a huge part of our lives, no matter how old we get, and a huge part of our friendship that is special to only us. We constantly say to each other “Learned that from Nancy Drew” and we will always have cherished memories building our friendship over these games.

Thank you HerInteractive!

With Love, Victoria & Casey

Deana J.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I’ve been playing Nancy Drew adventure games since I was in the third grade. I’m about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics, certificate in teaching English as a second language and minors in German and Spanish (I learned a lot of German playing Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull in German by the way). I’ve always attributed a lot of my curiosity to playing Nancy Drew adventure games and it’s amazing how I’ve been able to apply the problem-solving skills, history lessons, language lessons, interesting factoids and Nancy Drew’s can-do attitude to my everyday life.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Regarding the attached pictures: I earned a scholarship to study abroad in Germany for the 2016-2017 academic year and got the chance to travel to Venice, Italy. These pictures are taken in the Campo Santa Margarita Formosa, with a map of Venice and a few scopa cards! (the first thing I did when arriving on the island was find a toy store where I used the little Italian I know to buy a set of traditional Italian playing cards). The whole time I was there I couldn’t help but feel I had been there before because of the exploring I had done in Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice. While travelling on the train in Italy I taught my parents to play scopa and the Italians sitting near us were very surprised and impressed that I knew the game. Who would guess that my travels abroad would be so enriched by a computer game I played so many years before?

A big thanks to the whole team from 1995 to today for the amazing work you’ve done!

All the best,

-Deana J

Leigh F.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I just wanted to reach out and say my sisters and I have been a huge fan of Nancy Drew games since we were very young. Our favorite is Secret of Shadow Ranch, other favorites are Haunted Carousel, White Wolf, Ghost Dogs, etc.

“Grown” now and in college, we have Macs and plenty of nostalgia!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

We were thrilled to hear you are developing a new game not only because we are excited to play it and hear that you are still making the games, but that it’s based so close to our home in Salem!

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you very, VERY much for so many years of play. What a special thing you have going on, please don’t ever stop making these!

– Leigh F

Maria G.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I am a huge Nancy Drew and HeR Interactive fan. I have so many great memories playing Nancy Drew computer games with my friends in elementary school. Nancy was my first feminist icon and taught me it only takes one girl to the same job as two boys (still love the Hardy boys though). The games taught me how to decode puzzles, think logically, and to be an avid problem solver. This is such a core part of who I am and who I want to be that I even got a custom Nancy Drew tattoo! I am currently a senior at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in computer science and information science. Nancy Drew games are part of the reason I am pursing software development. Along with my passion for technology, I have a passion for sharing it with young girls and inspiring them to pursue STEM fields through my work with the UNC chapter of Girls Who Code. I was so excited when I learned of Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

I just wanted to say thank you for your work at HeR Interactive and for creating games that truly do inspire a drive for innovation and problem solving in girls of all ages. I hope one day I have the opportunity to continue the amazing work being done at HeR Interactive.

Maria G

Samantha W.

Dear HeR Interactive,

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved playing Nancy Drew games. Any chance I could get, I would run to my family’s desktop computer and try to solve puzzles or games. The further I got in each game, the more I fell in love with the series! However, when I was younger, I could never figure out exactly how to solve the games I was playing, so I never finished a full game; that all changed when I got to college. I rekindled my love for the games when I met my new college friends Anna and Alison (pictured).

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

We discovered that we all loved playing the Nancy Drew games in our youth, and as of now, we have completed almost four games together – definitely more will be completed in the future! Thank you to Nancy Drew for giving me and my friends something relatable and fun to do together that reminds us of our childhoods.



Lauren S.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I have wanted to show you guys my senior capstone game project that was heavily inspired by your Nancy Drew games growing up. I was the director and one of the artists (Lauren Stutzriem).
Our game was recently chosen to be a “Best Student Game” finalist at IGF, so I felt compelled to share it with you at this time. This is an article our school wrote about our game, and you can also find the game on their site if you are interested.
Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Penny Blue Finds a Clue

Your guys’ games had such a big impact on me growing up and were a huge reason why I went into videogame school. So, I hope this can make you smile!
Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Penny Blue Finds a Clue

Take care,

Lin P.

Dear HeR Interactive,

First off, thank you very much for putting out an official statement regarding MID! I’ve been a loyal fan for over a decade (I personally own all PC Games!) and my sister and I have been anxiously awaiting MID. I’m very excited for the possibility of AR/VR for a Nancy Drew game!

Secondly, I thought you guys might like to know that I just brought home a little Yorkie puppy, and named her, Lily, after Lily Crewe (one of my favorite characters!) from Tomb of the Lost Queen. I knew after my previous Yorkie passed earlier this year, that I wanted to get another dog and name her after a Nancy Drew character because of how much I love the games. My sister and I are thrilled to be able to say, “Impending Lily!” Anytime Lily comes into the room. 🙂

Thank you for making fantastic games that are educational and so much fun to play over and over again with friends and family!

A loyal fan,
-Lin P

Talitha C.


Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight


Emily J.

Dear HeR Interactive,

Here is my (lengthy) testimony: There was never a time when I did not know about Nancy Drew, she’s just always been a part of my life. My Mother is an avid reader (especially of mysteries), with an extensive yellow-back Nancy Drew collection, and she used to read to my older sister and me every single night, sometimes Nancy, sometimes other classic books. When I was old enough to read chapter books, I started reading Nancy myself, but mostly the spookiest ones. The Ghost of Blackwood Hall was always my favorite.

When i was about 9 or 10, my Father noticed Secrets Can Kill and Message in a Haunted Mansion on the shelves at Walmart, so we bought them, and an amazing new world was opened up to me. It took a little time though. The ghostly noises in MHM at first scared me so bad, I couldn’t continue playing, and for some reason, the second disc of SCK wouldn’t work on our computer. I began watching my sister play MHM, and that helped me conquer my fear (and helped me get past tricky parts I might not have figured out on my own), and whenever I was bored, I’d pop in the first disc of SCK, just for kicks, and in hopes that this time, that second disc would work (it never did until years later, when I tried it on my boyfriend’s laptop. Go figure). Then we bought The Final Scene, Secret of the Scarlet Hand, and The Haunted Carousel, and later, a double pack of Secret of the Old Clock and Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, and I fell even deeper in love with the virtual world of Nancy. I played the games I had over and over and over, sometimes by myself, sometimes with my sister and my two cousins, sometimes with my best friend Melody and/or my second best friend Michael. My friends and I would trade our games back and forth, and that’s how I also got to play Curse of Blackmoor Manor, Danger By Design, and The Creature of Kapu Cave. Oh, the hours of blissful, shut-out-all-distractions-’til-your-bottom-falls-asleep enjoyment!

Sadly, i stopped playing for quite a long time. I hadn’t been able to get a new game for a long time, I started going to public high school, had some family problems and personal problems, started working and having relationships and grown-up problems… But then, in 2011, I happened to reconnect with a sister of my old best friend, who not only helped me get a job that I desperately needed at the time, but also let me borrow her Nancy games, which I was also starving for. I missed those games so much, and was so excited to play the ones I’d always wanted, but never had the chance to. Imagine my shock and excitement to discover that HeR had been making new games steadily, for all those years I’d been away from my favorite pastime! I had so much catching up to do!

It became my new goal to own every single game. I didn’t have much money, but i had determination, and the encouragement of my wonderful then-boyfriend-now-husband, David. I started by visiting my parents and absconding with all my old games. Then I went to Walmart and Best Buy to see what I could find. Then I did a thorough search of all the used games on Amazon, and eagerly awaited my deliveries whenever I could spare a few bucks. And I played, and played, and played. It was heaven. True to my usual preferences, the spookiest games are my favorites, especially MHM, my original.

Finally, I was caught up enough that I started buying the newest games straight from HeR, and even sprung for a few bonus editions, and I am happy and proud to say that I have a complete collection (even the Dossiers).

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan

I again didn’t play for a while in 2013-14, as I was planning my wedding and taking some college classes, but then one day, I found myself in a new house, married, pregnant (thankfully, past the morning sickness), and desperate for a Nancy marathon. So that’s what I did. For about 2 months, with my feet up so they wouldn’t swell, I played them all, back to back. After my daughter was born (once we were through the newborn stage), I’d often plop her down next to me and play, or she’d bounce in her bouncer and watch me. She always tries to mess with the screen whenever I play now, and I bought Codes and Clues in anticipation of her playing it in a year or two (I’ve played it a couple times myself though. It’s not awful).

I guess the moral of the story is that I really and truly love the Nancy Drew games. I have played them all countless times, will always buy them as long as they’re made, am constantly mentioning to my husband how I know so-and-so, or learned about this and that, because of the Nancy games, and I can’t wait to pass on my enthusiasm to “Dare to Play” to my daughter and other future children.

Thank you, HeR, for everything you’ve done, for making my life richer and my mind more full of interesting and exciting things.

“I learned it from a Nancy Drew game.”


Em R. J.

Heidi G.

Dear HeR Interactive,

My name’s Heidi G. I’m turning 12 in a month. I always loved the Nancy Drew books. One day I was reading Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk and my older brother came over to me and asked me if I’ve played any Nancy Drew Computer Games. I gasped. I had no idea there were any Nancy Drew Computer Games. And that’s when I first got interested. That was 3 years ago.

I was only allowed to download one Nancy Drew Game a month although I finished each one in a week or two. During that time I was doing two grades in one year. I needed to do two grades in one year for two reasons; 1. I have not been getting any challenges academically and 2. I wanted to catch up because before I started preschool my parents decided to keep me in for another year. The first Nancy Drew game I played was either The Shattered Medallion or The Silent Spy. I loved them and every month I had this excited feeling as I dove into another mystery. I was kind of an outcast at my school but every afternoon I felt reassured when I sat down at my desk and got started on my new Nancy Drew mystery. But then my life got busy and I was entering middle school.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan

I tried to get back into it but couldn’t. And then my parents got divorced and I was in 2 separate worlds and I couldn’t spend anytime doing Nancy Drews. Over these last few months mom has stress building up in her system and she takes it all out on me. I didn’t know what to do but suddenly I remembered the Nancy Drew games and decided to see if they could distract me. And it’s working. All of the Nancy Drew remind me of the good parts in life and help me become me.I wouldn’t have made it without Nancy Drew. I have the inspiration I need here and now that I’ve played some Nancy Drew games I’m going to show everyone I know and trust me I know a lot of people. Thank you HeR Interactive and always remember You’re always going to have a friend in Montana! 🙂


Heidi G.

Daisy Daylight.

Dearest, Darling Team at HeR Interactive,

My name is “Daisy Daylight” and I am a hardcore Nancy Drew fan. I am writing to apply for The Number One Fan™ position among Canadians, who are not part of your contest but love her anyway gosh darn it and want to let the world know. However, I don’t want the world to know the personal stories of what Nancy got me through at this time, so limit my bold declarations of love to like, the office and your girlfriends and sisters and mother-in-laws. People you talk to in person. Ok? Cool.

When I was in elementary school we got to go to the School Library once a week. It was small, none of that fancy Waverly stuff, but it had a serious ND collection. As was the limit, I signed out one book a week and quickly read through all the classics. Then I moved on to the seventies or eighties ones and whoa those were intense! I read a couple of the ones from the 2000’s and like them, but there was nothing like them classics. Recently I have taken to used book stores. My collection, previously of one, now sports nine Nancy Drew books and three Hardy Boys novels. This is a lot for a poor student living in her parents’ basement. I’ m cooler that the stereotype suggests though. You’d want to be my friend. (I want to be your friend too.)

That concludes the print reasons I am The Number One Fan™ in Canada. Now I shall offer another compelling argument, this time on the subject of games. I bought my first game out of a Scholastics Book Order in elementary school. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor. I fell heads over heels in love with it, though it took me several years to open each secret passageway. For my tenth birthday I asked for Nancy Drew games and my friends delivered! I had two whole new games, Danger by Design and the Creature of Kapu Cave. Somewhere along the line I also found the third mystery which I liked because it was spooky. For some reason I gravitate to your creepier games. An endorphic delight! But I digress.

One unpleasant high school experience later, I was a legal adult with a credit card. Off I went to French Canada for a five week language immersion before I began university.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan

It was at university that I got back into Nancy Drew games. I got the Secret of the Old Clock when I had the flu and that kept me company when everyone else requested I not sneeze all over them. Some friends huh? I kid. But I was bored and… well then I fell back in love with ND.

In the fall of my second year, things changed. A friend of mine, hell, my adoptive mother, died of cancer. No one else knew her closely so I had no one to talk to. I withdrew a lot and stopped talking very much. I played Shadow at the Water’s Edge. The dead mom plot was somehow comforting, and the in-game dialogue eased me back to human interaction in a safe space. Then I bought the Shattered Medallion and started laughing again.

I fell into a serious depression anyway though. Your games are a good accessory, but they can’t replace medication. My brain functioning capacity was that of a late stage dementia patient. I was literally dying. I was unable to play your games for a couple months at this point, but when I was past the acute treatment and into the rehabilitation phase I played like never before. You see, try to imagine a late stage dementia patient playing one of your games. It doesn’t work does it? The puzzles on the game help me to improve my functioning capacity. That spills into other areas of my life. Useful as gaming is, the real benefits I saw were in my ability to hold down a job now, which I would not have been able to before. Completing puzzles was actually part of my treatment program and ND made it fun!

I’m still a patient and will be for another year at the very least, but thanks to you I’ve made progress that surprised my doctors.


So thank you, thank you, a million thank yous!!!!

The games are also just fun and I needed that in my life. Everyone does.

Before I sign off there are a couple less impactful but worthy of mentioning ways Nancy Drew has impacted my life. Remember how I said I did a French immersion? Well to keep my French and later German going I bought most of your translated games. Listening, reading and working with the foreign languages is helpful, and helps me expand my vocabulary too. I also really like the print outs you have started posting. Colouring is also considered therapeutic so its nice to have sheets that interest me instead of the same old mandalas the hospital hands out. Plus like, Sonny? The Hardy Boys? So cute. And Charlotte is so cool. Thornton Halls is definitely high on my favourites list.
To conclude, thank you for your hard work! It may seem like just games but it is so much more than that! It’s been a useful tool in my recovery and will continue to be a learning tool as I try to become bi or even trilingual.
I don’t know how to convey all my gratitude. I can’t imagine what kind of hell hole my life would be without your games, and I don’t need to imagine it. You helped me through the roughest experience of my life. I was serious before, I want to be your friend.

All my love and gratitude,

-“Daisy Daylight”

Alexie H.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I came to love Nikola Tesla after playing deadly device. So much so that I named my first child after him. Here is Nikola Tesla H. A lot of our family calls him Niko for short. Thank you for making games that are really fun and making learning enjoyable.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nikola Tesla

Alexie Louisa H.

Sammi S.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I wanted to record a message of thanks for the company from me and other players as well. Thanks for so many years of great games, and happy mother’s day to all the mom’s over at Her Interactive 🙂

Sammi S.

Amateur Sleuth

Abigail T.

Dear HeR Interactive,

I just wanted to thank you for making so many wonderful Nancy Drew games, particularly Danger by Design. It was because of that game that I first became interested in the French language and Francophone culture and, now, ten years later, I’m on my way to graduate school to get my M.A. in French Studies. 😀 Thank you for introducing me to my passion!

Love always,



Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan

Ruth C.

Dear HeR Interactive,

My name is Ruth and I live in the hot desert of Arizona like Secret of Shadow Ranch! I am 18 years old just like Nancy Drew, the incredible teen detective herself. I absolutely love HeR Interactive games. It all started when I was in 3rd grade. My older sister Deborah introduced me to the books. I was absolutely addicted and would read them nearly every day. In fact, I have a whole book shelf full of hard-covered yellow Nancy Drew books. My sister and I were so excited about it that we would always pretend that I was Bess Marvin and she was George Fayne and then we would try to find mysteries to solve.

Later, my Dad (who is into games himself) found Secret of the Old Clock and Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and bought it for us for our birthdays. We were elated and immediately we were both playing. At first, because we were kind of young at the time, we had a hard time getting through the games. So, my Dad had to help us. But, once we were able to solve them we went and bought more Nancy Drew games to add to our collection! And we have been collecting and playing ever since then!

It’s not just me that is into Nancy Drew…  my two sisters are, my sister’s friends, my friends, my brother, and now my boy cousin! Thank you HeR Interactive for all your cool games. I believe it was games like Ransom of the Seven Ships, Ghost dogs of Moon Lake, White Wolf of Icicle Creek, etc. that helped quench my thirst for adventure!

I recently got the opportunity to hike up the Superstition Mountains (with my cousin, two sisters, and brother that all love Nancy Drew) and look at all the hieroglyphs like in Secret of Shadow Ranch! I also got the opportunity to ride horses with my friend up in Prescott. I really felt like I was in the game! And in a few months I will be hiking up to cliff dwellings in Arizona and canoeing, digging for gems, hiking, and more in Montana! 😀 Please continue making awesome games!

One of your biggest fans,

Ruth C.


Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Denis D.

Dear HeR Interactive,

My name is Denis D. I’m fifteen years old and I live in Russia.

My acquaintance with the lovely miss Drew was seven years ago, when I and my older sister played in “Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake”. Yes, this game was first for me. Ever since I fell madly in love with this series of games and have been for many years, I remain one of the most loyal fans of Nancy Drew and to this day I do not cease to play games with her.

After completing many games I came to the conclusion that with any game on Nancy Drew the child may not only entertain, but also to develop intellectually, to learn a lot of interesting and informative information for yourself! For this game, and the student can seek help at any time, she can always give the idea to perform some task, report, etc! I’ll tell you how one game helped to me with homework. Once, in second class I had to make report on the topic “wildlife”. That day I played the game “Danger on Deception Island”. Came a time when I went to center into the appreciation and observation of marine life “Whale World” and I thought, “Why not write in report about these sea animals? In this center so much informative and interesting information! It would be nice use it in report”. Yes, this game gave me the idea. Of course, I got a good mark for the report and I was very pleased of the result!

Of course, a big thanks to my sister Kristina because she found this game here in Russia, and introduced me to it! And of course, thank you Her Interactive for creating this wonderful and interesting game! I’m even afraid to imagine how would be a boring life without you! I think, that creating games about Nancy Drew, you transfer the character from the book into the real world, make the character alive. Unlike books, in computer games we can hear Nancy. And this is a big plus! This is great efforts of the voice actors. I love them and I respect their work!

I’d also like to add that in June last year I visited Italy. One of our excursions was in Venice. Walking around this beautiful city, floating on a gondola, looking at these wonderful landscapes, I often remembered one of my favorite games of Nancy Drew – “The Phantom of Venice”. I compared real landscapes with those that were in the game and I can say that you, Her Interactive, has done more than “just” did the job! I think in project “Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice” you depicted the city itself is prettier and more interesting than it actually looks. When I was in Venice, I could not agree with the words of one of the characters in this game – Helena Berg: “I think Venice is the most fascinating city in the world. Its history, its art, its layout – everything about it is so rich and so beautiful and says so much about human ingenuity. I absolutely love it”. Though it is said by the main antagonist of the game, I still agree with her. She was right: walking around Venice, sailing in gondolas, looking at these wonderful landscapes and studying the history, it’s easy to fall in love with this city. I really liked the trip to Italy! Me and my dad have traveled all over Italy from North to South, saw all the main sights, learned many new things and saw things which no even in Russia! Of course, I recommend everyone to visit Italy. It’s a wonderful country!

Well, in conclusion I would like to say a huge thank you Her Interactive for all! I want to wish you prosperity and new discoveries! And we, your fans, look forward to the thirty-third game “Midnight in Salem”! I wish you luck!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Tiffany H.

Dear HeR Interactive,

Even though I have been playing the games since I was about 10 years old (I’m 26 now), this is the first time I am contacting you. The first game I ever played was “Message in a Haunted Mansion” and I (like many others) was hooked ever since.

There are two reasons I am writing you. First, I  wanted to thank you for all the fun and lessons you have provided me over the years. I started out as a Nancy Drew fan from the books, but once I started playing the computer games, there was no turning back. 😉 Even though I am well into my twenties, I have no shame in telling people I LOVE playing these. I used to play as a distraction when I was in school (shh, don’t tell the teachers!) but now that I’m a full-time worker, I use this as a way of keeping my mind fresh and as a source of education and wanderlust. It obviously serves as a piece of nostalgia for me, too. Overall, I just truly enjoy the story lines and introductions to different cultures you provide!

Which leads me to the second thing I wanted to tell you: this past October I took a dream solo trip to beautiful Japan. Even though Japan has been a place I’ve always wanted to go, I couldn’t help but think about “Shadow at the Water’s Edge” at every turn. I spent a full 3 weeks in the “Land of the Rising Sun.” It truly was an adventure of a lifetime. No mysteries solved, but I’m sure Nancy would’ve been proud. 🙂

Check out the pictures I included and see if you can find the parallels to the game. 🙂

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Spotlight

Thanks again for everything! I truly hope you enjoyed this letter. Just know you have a lifetime customer in me. I’m a Nancy Drew and HeR Interactive fan for life!

Sincerely, Tiffany H.

Kaila C.

Dear HeR Interactive,

To introduce myself, my name is Kaila and I have been a huge fan of the Nancy Drew PC games since the very first game. My brother Jono (22) and I (25) have played every single game and continue to anticipate each new game as they release! Not only has it brought us closer together as a family, but it’s been a vessel for constant laughter, nail biting moments, and inside jokes for us.

Recently, my husband and I found out we were pregnant and instantly I knew when it came time to do a gender reveal party, the theme had to be mystery inspired. And who better to solve mysteries than Nancy and the Hardy boys?! Thus bringing about our Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys escape room gender reveal party! It was a huge success and everyone loved how themed and unique it was!  Thank you for being such a great reminder of fun, mystery, and family unity!



An Avid Fan!

Olivia T.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been a huge fan of the Nancy Drew games for as long as I can remember. Playing Nancy Drew with my sister constitutes some of my best memories. The engaging stories and fun sense of mystery and adventure have always captivated me, but I especially love how the games impart so much random and interesting knowledge. I have unintentionally learned quite a lot by planing Nancy Drew! I am also an avid reader and fan of Little Jackalope’s blog and enjoy reading the daily insights into all things Nancy Drew.


Your games were a huge part of my inspiration to start creating games of my own. I recently won the National STEM Challenge for videogame design, and I thought that you might be interested in this interview on the Joan Ganz Cooney Center blog: It talks briefly about how HeR Interactive and the Nancy Drew games have inspired me in my game development journey and beyond.

Thanks for the amazing games and inspiration! I’m so glad that I discovered your games so many years ago. Beyond being incredibly fun, Nancy Drew has truly had a huge impact on me, for which I am very grateful.

Olivia T.

Carlahna E.

Dear Her Interactive,

So, I’ve made a parody of Fancy by Iggy Azalea, and it’s Nancy Drew themed. I made it for you in honor of Sea of Darkness.

Camille H.

When my sister Allison came home from the library with this new mystery game “Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower” I had no idea it would evolve into a lifetime filled with Nancy Drew bonding! I watched her play Treasure in the Royal Tower and when she finished I couldn’t wait to start another one. We had a lot of fun with that game, especially the part where you have to watch Hotchkiss’s video then charge the battery then finish the video, we couldn’t figure out how to charge the battery so we ended up watching the same first part of the video so many times we can both quote it perfectly to this day!
The first game we played was when I was eight years old and Allison was thirteen. Now, even though we are both in college, we make time every year to play the new games together. We get a big bag of chips and salsa, I grab my pencil and notebook and we play the game for days, only emerging from our room for mealtimes.

So when I came home from school in the summer and Allison was on break we decided to take our own Nancy Drew photos. We waited until the sun was going down, donned the outfit and a magnifying glass and posed as my other sister took the pictures. We spent hours photoshopping the pictures and adding various Nancy Drew mottos from the games onto it until we came up with the perfect images. My sister is on the left and I am on the right.


Allison and I dressing up to play Tomb of the Lost Queen:


I also had one of the pictures with a different motto put on a mouse pad that we use whenever we play Nancy Drew.



I love Nancy Drew games because they are fun and challenging but more importantly, I get to spend time with my sister. We have so many favorite memories from Nancy Drew, solving puzzles together (she likes the slider puzzles), catching baddies, and always making Nancy eat too many Koko Kringles! Together, we make a pretty formidable mystery-solving team!

Camille and Allison

Katelyn J.

I’ve been playing Nancy Drew games since I was in third grade, and my first one was Message in the Haunted Mansion.  I keep playing these games not only to stay mentally fit, but because they gave me great memories of my childhood and all the friends and connections I made through message boards and inviting girls over to play late into the night!  Now I play them at the age of 22 to challenge myself and solve them on my own without any help.


Ashton M. & Callie M.

My name is Ashton M. (21, left), and I am the biggest Nancy Drew fan, so much so that I have shared my love of ND with my little sister Callie M. (12, right). I have been playing ND since I was about 8 years old and have every installment. In my spare time growing up, I would always reach for one of my favorite ND computer games and play for hours! At first, ND was more than a way to occupy my time; I didn’t have a sister until I was 9 years old, so in a way, Nancy was my sister. She always (indirectly) gave me the best advice and was the best role model a girl could ever look up to.


As I got older, I found that playing ND with my sister Callie was a way for us to bond. At first, she was too young to play herself, so she watched me play for hours on end, absolutely fascinated. I knew then that she would fall in love with ND games as much as I had. When I went off to college in 2011, the distance was hard on me to be away from my sister, but I knew that as soon as I returned home she would run up to me and ask if we could play ND. These moments I hold very near and dear to my heart, and I thank Her Interactive for creating such wonderful games for me to experience with my sister.

At the beginning of 2014, Callie and I hatched a plan: we vowed to play every single Nancy Drew game from start to finish together just like old times. This meant that we had to fire up the old Hewlett-Packard desktop computer as well as 3 other desktops and laptops to ensure that my old games would play, but this did not hinder us! Although I got very busy taking the test for dental school admission and applying during the summer, along with Callie going back to school, we successfully played all 31 ND games from start to finish in 2014!

I just wanted to let Her Interactive know that you still have die-hard ND fans who are growing up but who continue to share their love of Nancy with others. Thank you so much for allowing my sister and me to experience such great times together.

Ashley V.

My sister, Shivon, and I have been obsessed with all things Nancy Drew for years. I remember in grade school going to the library with our grandma to check out Nancy Drew books. Because Shivon is 5 years younger than me and couldn’t quite read well enough, I would read the Nancy Drew mysteries to her aloud. In 2002 I remember walking into our family’s computer room and Shivon was playing a game. She told me she was stuck on some puzzle. I asked her what she was playing. She told me it was a Nancy Drew game called Stay Tuned for Danger. I was intrigued and I tried helping her with the puzzle. Since I didn’t know the context for the puzzle I was having trouble assisting. She said she wasn’t very far into the game so she suggested we start over and play together. We completed the game together as a team, each taking turns controlling the mouse while the other one took notes. We loved the game so much we went out over the next few weeks and purchased and played all the Her Interactive Nancy Drew Adventure games that had been made so far.


Since we first started playing together in 2002, a lot has changed. Shivon and I have moved away from home, completed college degrees and started jobs. One thing that has remained the same is that we always make time to play the Her Interactive Nancy Drew games. It has become a twice yearly tradition for us to play the newest Nancy Drew adventure game together. This is a special event. We usually plan for weeks what snacks we will bring. We have a designated Nancy notebook that we write clues in. We even have Nancy Drew t-shirts that we wear while playing (see attached). We make a great team and have solved all the games together. Thanks for making such fun, interesting and inspiring games. Your games have been an important part of our lives and have created a special bond between me and my sister.

Many thanks,

Aja M.

I’m a fan of Nancy, because she’s smart, kind, and brave. Her insatiable thirst for mystery is matched only by her love for helping people. I grew up on the books and still love to reread them. Nancy, Bess and George could always manage anything, from mysteries solving, to cooking, to charity work, to working on a ranch. They could get dirty, but still look fierce on a date with Ned, Burt and Dave.

When I found your games, I loved how you brought her world to life. Even in the modern setting, you keep the essence of who Nancy is perfectly faithful to the source. I own them all and frequently buy them as gifts for my friends.

Nancy shows the world that a lady can do anything she sets her mind on, and her cool head under duress shows her rationality. I have always loved her attitude and her style, and am a huge mystery fan, which is why Nancy is tattooed on my wrist (in good company with Poirot, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, and Sam Spade).FanSpotlight_AjaM

No matter how many times in life I hear “…it’s locked! ” Nancy and I know it won’t be for long. 🙂

Aja M.


I’ve loved Nancy Drew since I read the first book when I was 8. I own all the games and right now, I’m working on Darby’s Guide to Nancy Drew! It’s a handwritten walkthrough to all of the games. I’ve been taking extensive gameplay notes since the very beginning but I wanted to put something more neat and legitimate together, and I absolutely love the “work” I have to put in for it 😉


Nancy Drew brings me and my friends together. Playing the new games has become a tradition. Even though my best friend and I go to different colleges now, she still comes over to play the new games with me when they come out. The games have grown with me, and I love each and every one of them for something different. They mean so much to me. I’m actually tearing up a bit writing this email. Thank you for continuing to make them– they’ve become a cornerstone of my life.



Adèle O.

My name is Adèle O., I’m 17 years old and I live in Ontario, Canada. I consider myself a HUGE Nancy Drew fan. I’ve been reading the books since I was 6, and playing the games since I was 12.

I’ve learned that Secrets can Kill, I’ve found the Message in a Haunted Mansion, I’ve located the Treasure in the Royal Tower, and I’ve tamed the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I’ve ridden the Haunted Carousel, I’ve braved Danger on Deception Island, I’ve revealed the Secret of Shadow Ranch, and I’ve broken the curse of Blackmoor Manor. I’ve uncovered the Secret of the Old Clock, I’ve taken the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, I’ve survived Danger by Design, and I’ve met the Creature of Kapu Cave. I’ve found the truth behind the Legend of the Crystal Skull, I’ve fixed the Haunting of Castle Malloy, I’ve paid the Ransom of the Seven Ships, and I’ve ignored the Warnings at Waverly Academy. I’ve been on the Trail of the Twister, I’ve seen the Shadow at the Water’s Edge. I’ve played into the Captive Curse, I’ve made my Alibi in Ashes, I’ve explored the Tomb of the Lost Queen, and I’ve investigated the Deadly Device. I’ve spoken with the Ghost of Thornton Hall, I’ve discovered the Silent Spy, I’ve pieced together the Shattered Medallion, and I’ve navigated the Labyrinth of Lies.

My Nancy Drew collection consists of 26 games (plus the 2 Nancy Drew dossiers) along with over 150 books from all the different Nancy Series: Girl Detective, Nancy Drew Notebooks, Nancy Drew Files, Choose your own mystery, and, of course, the original series.


Thank you for giving me these amazing video games, and please never stop making them.

Your biggest fan on this planet,

Adèle O.


I’ve been reading and collecting Nancy Drew books since I was 8 years old. They are a favorite memory of my childhood. It was always a treat when my grandmother would take me to the bookstore and buy me a Nancy Drew book. I’ve been playing the computer games since I was 9 (even though Message in a Haunted Mansion TERRIFIED ME!) Now, I’m 24 and I still read the books and play the games. But, most importantly, as a Senior in college, it was a requirement for all Musical Theatre majors to write their own show….so I wrote an entire Nancy Drew musical! Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Gypsy Robe takes place in 1968 and ultimately leads to Ned finally proposing to Nancy! I so loved getting to write my own Nancy Drew mystery! Nancy is such a role model for readers young and old! She’s the ultimate heroine!

PS: I definitely incorporated “It’s Locked!” into my script 🙂



I began playing the Nancy Drew games and reading the novels when I was eight years old. Nancy’s fearlessness, ambition, and vigor sparked my imagination. I was inspired to write and publish my own mystery series at 13 years old. Now, I am 20, and I have published 5 novels to date! I host book presentations and signings at local elementary schools to encourage young students and aspiring writers to keep reading and let their imaginations soar. I even teach them detective skills, such as how to analyze fingerprints and create undercover disguises! Thank you, Her Interactive, for bringing Nancy Drew to life in your games and inspiring detectives of all ages!



Hi, my name is Kimberlee and I’m a huge Nancy Drew fan! I’ve loved Nancy Drew all my life and have to thank my Uncle for showing me! I love Nancy Drew because she is positive and is constantly thinking of others, while she is sleuthing and catching crooks. I absolutely love reading, so when I have free time or I’m having a tough time in life, I read Nancy Drew or think of how she handles situations. When I read Nancy Drew books, it’s as if I’m in her world, helping her solve a mystery. The books keep getting better and better! Anyways, I collect anything that is Nancy Drew, books, bags, shoes, games, anything! I like to where my hair and clothes like her as well. I love everything about her…. she is truly great and will never be forgotten.     GO NANCY!!!!



I have been a lover of Nancy Drew ever since I was nine years old and received the first four books packaged together.  I read them and was hooked.  I wanted to read more, so I began buying the rest of the series.  After I read those, I still craved more.  I began buying other Nancy Drew series: The Nancy Drew Case Files, Nancy Drew Girl Detective, Nancy Drew Diaries, anything I could get my hands on.  I found my collection growing.  As I got older, I discovered the value in the vintage Nancy Drew books.  I began collecting early printings of the original books; I now have at least one book from every single printing of the original fifty-six books.  My ultimate goal was to obtain a rare first edition book printed in 1930 or 1931.  A true 1930/1931 printing was extremely hard to find, and when I found one it was very expensive. Also, many of the books for sale that claim to be first editions are not truly first editions.  Thankfully, I am knowledgeable in Nancy Drew history and printing history, so I was able to tell. After twelve years of collecting and searching, I am proud to say I finally own a 1931 first edition. I also own other vintage memorabilia such as the Nancy Drew lunchbox and board game.  And, of course, I own and play every single Nancy Drew computer game.  To this day, they are my favorite game to play and I look forward to the release of new games. I am proud of my collection, but I know it is far from being complete.  I hope to continue collecting, reading, playing, and loving Nancy Drew no matter how old I get!

nancy_drew fan


It was 2011 when I moved to Canada, before I was in the Philippines, I was very obsessed with computer games. So while I was setting things up in Canada I immediately bought a laptop, and the first game that I played was Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull. That game made me very happy and I searched for even more Nancy Drew Games. I then played Shadow at the Water’s Edge, that game made me very scared (I’m a huge fan of anything scary) but I had a lot of fun! I also bought physical copies of The Captive Curse, Alibi in Ashes and a Ghost of Thornton Hall t-shirt, which I absolutely love! I wear it and people stare at it like their amazed! My art teacher recognized it and she told me that she’s a fan of the Nancy Drew books!

I will be a Nancy Drew Fan forever! Put that on a billboard!

Selfie2Sonny Joon


I have been reading the Nancy Drew books since my mother gave me her old yellow spine volumes when I was a little girl.  When the computer games started coming out, not being a gamer I was hesitant to play them, but after trying the first one I was hooked.  I have always loved how brave, smart, and even sassy Nancy’s character was, and the games have stayed true to her personality.  Now whenever a new game comes out, my two teenage brothers and I put on our Nancy Drew shirts, get out our detective notebooks, and spend hours in front of the computer taking turns controlling the mouse.  Essentially, we throw a Nancy Drew party and have an absolute blast!  Thanks Her Interactive for creating a great game series that non-gamers and hard-core gamers alike can enjoy.  You definitely have something special here.

Jana's ND photos 029b


I’m a HUGE fan of Her Interactive, My friend and I have played your Nancy Drew Games since we were nine years old, and we continue to play each new one as they come out! I just did a photo shoot with some Nancy Drew books and thought y’all would appreciate them. My friend thought it would be cool if one of her pictures ended up in an actual Nancy Drew game like some others do. LOL Thank you for all the wonderful games, and taking the time to read our silly fan email. Ashley 900x740_fanTestimonialCollage

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